Transfer station to close for repairs

The waste transfer station in Simcoe will be unavailable to haulers and local residents for about a week this fall.The scale at the front entrance is worn out and needs to be replaced.“The weigh scale is an important piece of the operation at the Simcoe Transfer Station, which provides residents a place to dispose of additional waste that cannot be placed at the curb,” Merissa Bokla, Norfolk’s supervisor of waste management, said in a report to Norfolk council Tuesday.“The weigh scale is necessary to ensure Norfolk County recoups costs for the disposal of materials brought to the transfer station through the collection of tipping fees.”Norfolk County planned to spend $50,000 on the project but has since learned that the scale’s in-ground housing also needs to be replaced. At Tuesday’s meeting, Norfolk council increased the budget for the project to $109,000.Jason Godby, Norfolk’s interim general manager of public works, said the housing is deteriorating and will need to be replaced in a few years. Installing a new scale and then re-installing it after the housing project is finished is a needless expense that can be avoided by doing everything at once, he said.Charlotteville Coun. Chris VanPaassen said that is a good idea.“Instead of doing half a job three times, we’ll do it right the first time,” Van Paassen said. “That would be cheaper.”The current equipment is more than 25 years old. The county hopes to get 25 to 30 years out of its replacement.Plans are to switch to a hydraulic weighing mechanism from an electronic one. In her report, Bokla explained that hydraulic equipment doesn’t seize up in cold weather. As well, hydraulic scales are less vulnerable to lightning strikes.“The weigh scale has been hit by lightning, causing extensive damage to equipment and down time which result in lost revenue to the county,” her report says.Bokla added that – during cold spells – the county has had to call in a contractor to de-ice the unit with a hot power wash.The county will serve notice when the project is about to begin. Haulers and residents can hang onto their waste or they can drop it off at the county’s other transfer station at 1180 South Walsingham Road 3, near Port [email protected] read more

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