Sahrawi Activists Health Deteriorating in PolisarioManaged Prison

Rabat – The families of the three opposition activists jailed in Edhibia prison have warned that the condition of their relatives is deteriorating. The three activists have been on a hunger strike for two weeks to condemn their arbitrary detention.Members of the Polisario Front arrested the activists in June when they were participating in protests against human rights violations in the Tindouf camps.Pro-Polisario news outlet Futuro Sahara reported that Moulay Aba Bouzid and Mahmoud Zidan’s health is deteriorating due to their continuous hunger strike for “the arbitrary detention and the delays in bringing them to trial.” Moulay Aba, according to the source, is suffering from pain in his left side.Read Also: Second Sahrawi Activist Joins Hunger, Water Strike to Protest Polisario’s ViolationsThe prison doctor warned  Mahmoud Zidan that the hunger strike may result in kidney failure. The families of the detainees said that the Polisario Front should bear all the responsibility for the detainee’s health conditions.In July, the activists condemned the serious violations committed by members of the Polisario Front.One of the activists told his family that he spent 36 hours in a secret prison before he was transferred to a prison in Rabouni.Polisario also used a blindfold while they were interrogating the three activists.“We were then transferred to the Edhabia prison,” he said. The activist described the conditions of detention in the Edhabia prison as “miserable.”On July 16, Human Rights Watch (HRW) condemned  Polisario’s use of arbitrary arrests and torture.HRW also called for the immediate release of the three activists. read more

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