New Nintendo 3DS cuts Monster Hunter X startup time by 75

first_imgThe New Nintendo 3DS has been out for a whole year now, and purchasing one promises to bring faster load times and access to a few games that otherwise can’t be played, for example, Xenoblade Chronicles. While it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting very many more games that require the New 3DS in order to work, Nintendo is keen to demonstrate the benefits of the latest version of its handheld.Last week saw the release of Monster Hunter X in Japan, which is a huge deal as the series always sells millions of copies. Nintendo would also like to sell a few New 3DS off the back of that, so it created a load times comparison video using the game, which you can watch below.The New 3DS has a clear loading speed advantage, and this is made most apparent when it comes to initially starting up the game. The older 3DS takes over 21 seconds to launch Monster Hunter X, where as the New 3DS only requires a little over 5 seconds. That’s a reduction of roughly 75%.Once the game is loaded there’s further time savings to be seen, but they are reduced to around 30%. That’s still significant for regular players. Loading game data takes 11.8 seconds compared to 15.34 on the older hardware, and switching areas in the game takes 8.1 seconds compared to 11.86 seconds.These time savings probably aren’t enough to force an upgrade if you’ve got an older 3DS in perfect working condition. However, anyone considering a purchase or has a 3DS that’s on its way out should only be considering the New 3DS. The advantages are clear from both load time savings and access to some otherwise unplayable games, and of course, you can’t forget the addition of the C-Stick.last_img read more

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