Shredded heart, Chairman Mao and a Chewie impression

first_img 5 However, our waitress just wasn’t cracking a smile all night. Her stern features were intensified by her tied-back hair (never a good sign that), and she was not up for any measure of fun with Mao’s eyes on her from all cushioned-corners of the room.Not even a little bit of Goughie’s Yorkshire magic could melt her. “Fancy a pint?” never went down so badly in Gough’s world.And then Star Wars Dave pulled out his party trick – his impression of Chewbacca. This is NOT talkSPORTs Football Editor Dave 5 Only John Lennon lookalikes are allowed She LOVED it, smiles turned into uncensored laughter and our Russian waitress broke free from Mao’s chains, let her hair fall loose over her face, and ran off with Chewy into the sunset.Well almost.She laughed a little bit and then demanded to know if we’d finished with the crispy beef. How fitting that Chewbacca ordered ‘Shredded Heart’ on the menu (I’m not even joking). Now, that does look beautiful 5 She looks like a laugh One road sign puzzled me, though, can you guess why there are sunglasses up there? Tell you in tomorrow’s diary piece… So you may recall that Dave, the talkSPORT football editor, who’s with us right now in St Petersburg, is a good lad generally speaking.But then revealed he likes Star Wars – a lot.Well it was a disappointment; to everyone I think, although some hid that disappointment better than me. But it worked in our favour when the four of us – Dave, me, Goughie and Drive producer Emma – headed to a bizarre Chinese restaurant on the River Neva last night.The place was basically a shrine to Communist China, with Chairman Mao cushions, statues of Chinese soldiers and waitresses in military uniform. As scary as it was, the food was sensational, and the uniforms worked. Pretty sure I was in a band called Shredded Heart 5 5 After walking 17km during our day’s work, everyone was shattered, so we headed back to the hotel for an early night, although I did venture out for a stroll by the river. St Petersburg was looking beautiful by night.last_img read more

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