Website home page is K to 24 hours

The original

station is K how to change is not afraid of tests with the first station: since most stations are using the Dede program to do, but I just learned some dream spinning station tutorial, start to do these stations are spinning other templates, which will not delete the redundant code, and now look at these the template indeed produced a garbage, then the entire site changed colour changing surface, make the code more simple, keyword density layout also re arrangement. The article page template optimization changes: add the website keyword anchor text and link address corresponding articles in the article below. read more

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These website optimization details are small but enough to stumble your ranking

3. website picture description and text processing; now many sites use love picture layout of website content, whether in the home or inside pages, using pictures display content there is a lot. However, the current search engine technology is unable to identify the picture represents the content, it needs to do a "ALT" attribute description of the picture, let the spider can understand the meaning of the picture. If there are a large number of attributes not that picture, love is very difficult for Shanghai to give your site to rank high weight. read more

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Buy link is the door of knowledge must be careful and cautious

network, they provide high quality links, such as PR5, PR6, PR7, PR8, or Pr9 links, but these really as they say such a high weight and pr. So I remind friends buy links, attention must be paid to the quality of the link, from Shanghai, PR, the weight of love, love Shanghai, included snapshot ranking, domain name age to consider. Do not see the unilateral PR or other elements, is likely a factor is very good, but is up by the technique of cheating, once the purchase of such links, the money is damaged, their hard to take care of the affected site is not good. read more

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10 22 medical stations were a large number of k after the medical treatment of the decide on what pa

is not only a medical station ranking is difficult, the site traffic to get a higher conversion rate is difficult, many in the medical station do the bidding at a loss but also because of this reason, the website user experience is not good, open speed slow, many users point to open the site after a long time only web pages first of all to the user feel that the site is not formal, in their minds, general hospital what is good, the website open speed is not naturally bad, it will lose a large number of users, the second is the content of the website no substantive things, are some very common things online, users can not really solve doubts of course, these are just impact on users, for search engines, the medical industry already involves a very sensitive issue, Related to people’s health, naturally can not be underestimated, however, a large number of medical sites get together often make patients see dazzling, do not know is true or false, is obligated to provide some useful information for patients about this love Shanghai as a carrier of this information, however, love Shanghai search engine, to determine the site how is the best way through the contents of the website and user satisfaction to determine if your website user experience is good, we all love to love your website, articles on the website, website ranking will naturally go up. read more

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How to decrypt the Shanghai dragon irrelevant keyword optimization to the home page

binary anti chain that the main reason for the station was ranked "Tianjin Shanghai dragon" is done before the "web site optimization such as Tianjin Shanghai dragon", and the "Baoding IT" followed by a revision of the net only. But not a webmaster to ask: why is the revised can also maintain the previous rankings? To do further binary analysis:

But according to the observation of the

in Links we can observe that the word "Tianjin Shanghai dragon" was done in the chain. In fact, keyword search engine to draw text in Links is very valued. A little while from the figure we can see is: "Tianjin Shanghai dragon" this link Links, love Shanghai for weight is quite good. Every day there are included, snapshots daily, it also determines the "Tianjin Shanghai" dragon "corresponding to its website the URL address of the association. read more

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Love Shanghai cancel news source database or the impact on many industries


news source database, news source site lay money day is gone for ever. Love Shanghai in the announcement clearly pointed out:

challenges and opportunities always coexist, cancel the news source database, is actually an upgrade and open love Shanghai technology. It can be said that there are news retrieval opportunity for the whole network, the original high quality content sites, and will not have much impact, and whether to join the VIP>

cancel love Shanghai news source database on the impact of webmaster doubt. The PC era, news source is the head of the "lifeline" means: the news sources included, means that the source of traffic. In order to obtain the news source, the webmaster side of love Shanghai included mechanism, a late update gives journalists the sensitivity. In the webmaster circles spread such a statement: a news source site, only news source itself is worth 2 million. read more

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Analysis of the site into the sandbox love Shanghai

so, for a new station, after the line must maintain the stability of the server, a stable space is fatal for the new station.

third: the line on the website changes frequently

As for why

will enter the sandbox love Shanghai this problem, I think for a long time, the combination of my site from the beginning to the not included some of the things that happens in between, we draw the following conclusions, we share and discuss about the site into the sandbox:

sandbox must do Shanghai Longfeng colleagues are aware, but love Shanghai sandbox there may be some friends do not understand. I love Shanghai sandbox may not be accurate, but he and the Google sandbox is the same as nature, is a new observation period, the cycle time of uncertainty, long even a few months short of just a few days. Recently a station I love Shanghai entered the observation period, I began to love Shanghai to end after second days of Shanghai website, included, but the third day when I was in love in Shanghai, use the site command to query the site collected, the site has been in love in Shanghai without a data point. I suspect that is entered into the sandbox love Shanghai. read more

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Analysis of love in Shanghai recently to grasp the latest algorithm to adjust the optimization direc


Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. For the love of Shanghai recently frequent updates, I believe that many owners have deep feelings, because love Shanghai for their own or find some loopholes for algorithm algorithm in a series of adjustments, regular white hat techniques may affect Shanghai dragon is not too big, but for some manipulation of black hat a merciless blow. Today I’m here for everyone to do a simple analysis of recent events and their conclusions of some phenomena. If my analysis can resonate with everyone, please do not save yourself for a second, give more support and encourage me. read more

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Analysis of development trend and Taobao ranking optimization algorithm


3, to optimize the internal structure of the shop

love stars – Henan Chuan Yi Technology 贵族宝贝hncywl贵族宝贝, please indicate the source, thank you for your cooperation.

so far, with the direct competition of various businesses is increasing, and more and more attention to the shop of Shanghai Longfeng optimization in effect, leading to the Taobao official also began to pay attention to and constantly improved ranking algorithm rules. Taobao is currently in Shanghai Longfeng optimization field, this occupation is a relatively new occupation, and not too many Shanghai dragon Er to look at Taobao, so do the relatively few people. When all the people are not aware of the circumstances, you do it, then it is very likely to succeed. This view may be a lot of people agree, after all not a competitive industry is a competitive industry more. read more

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Form the chain are there

2, text + text links

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

form of the chain is currently divided into several members of Er, Shanghai dragon according to their actual situation select the appropriate form of the chain.

picture link is not common, try not to do such a link. The search engine is not to understand the picture, can only be identified by the alt attribute on pictures, pictures can transfer the weight of the link is very small, it is not good, you will leave the website links direct your letter no.. read more

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