The establishment of 20 days P1 million did

360 cinema station 20 days, although Baidu has not been included, but also realized the day IP million PV over 10 thousand. Now also bold talk about their experience, I hope you predecessors give me directions, let me learn more.

1. to start around friends to help propaganda, see the computer, let them help in the desktop plus connection.

2.QQ the classmates and friends is absolutely your a resource! And they explain the circumstances, they will be happy to help you stay connected everywhere! I did not let them pull people everywhere advertised! Let them put the forum or QQ signature changed my station. read more

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What is the reason why the website can not be profitable 4 key points of direct website profit

does everything in return, especially in a business society where there is no such thing as unselfish dedication and no profit seeking business. The same is true of most websites. Recently, the website profit has become a hot topic in the webmaster circle. The purpose of doing a website is to make money, this is very pure. But many people don’t know exactly whether they can make money or not, that’s a problem. Live without return, who are not willing to do, hard, in the end for what ah. Today, China electronic magazine production network webmaster to share for you, the website profit winning magic weapon. read more

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To rely on live and do stand coexistence of webmaster words

has such a group of webmaster, in addition to operating their own web site, but also by connecting some activities to maintain, these activities, small to others do banner, logo, etc., big to help others do web site, do seo. This article is to discuss the promotion space of this kind of stationmaster. Now what pay attention to a cabbage price, for others to do web site, also cabbage price. Before this, there was a personal QQ plus I made an enterprise website, I said 1600, the other party directly back to the sentence, your outrageous, I speechless. read more

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Xu Tao a pseudo original

"pseudo original" for the good website optimization webmaster is not what the new topic, the Internet has a lot of good writing about false original article, Xu Tao today also to express their views on the "pseudo original" and "a pseudo original writing skills.

as everyone knows, now Baidu, included the web page principle has been very different from previous, Baidu has recently been modified its rules, is to let users have the best search experience, from the perspective of the user. We do website, the most concerned about is how to make their content can be included in the search engine, and have a good ranking, to bring more traffic. How to do web site optimization very good in content? As we all know, the best original, Baidu search for the most advantageous, your article on the Internet, only you alone this one, that Baidu not included you included who? But there are two problems: first, a station to all the original, this is not possible. A feature of the network is a large capacity of information, update speed, even if your inspiration to, the writing is again good, thinking again wide, one day is not possible to write a few articles, a large amount of information on your website, a day one or two articles posted up, do not know to have development God knows how long to. Two, the Internet now is a resource surplus times, you might use a night for many brain cells to write the article, you will find a lot with the same, now Baidu included, as long as your article 2/3 of the content and another article repeat, think you is the "copy" content.. On this two view, we put the content of the entire station to do the "original" is almost impossible. So we naturally think of "pseudo original", after all, Baidu is a machine, not people, the characteristics of our machines for Baidu, according to the existing content, cleverly put the "processing", from the Baidu machine eyes, then can stately boarded Baidu engine hall. So how do we do "pseudo originality", read more

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Prospects for future SNS development

prospects for future SNS development:

when the Internet is full of people’s lives, the SNS community becomes a fashion. With the fun, everyone (school) hot, SNS limelight more than ever. Thus, a large number of SNS sites emerge, even Sohu, Tencent, Sina and other Internet predators are reluctant to lag behind, have entered the field of SNS, SNS for a while, "lords disputes."". Coupled with the popularity of open source software such as iWeb and SNS, the construction of SNS sites becomes easy, and a large number of SNS sites are springing up, making competition in the highly competitive SNS field even more brutal. Large websites like this, small and medium sites even more unbearable. How to survive and profit in the current situation, so that the majority of stations grow up trouble. Where’s the way out for the SNS site, read more

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Red Sea competition Webpage Game industry how to escape

The rise of

now Webpage Game also let many game player feel light era, no bloated client, not a long wait time, can be said Webpage Game is a trend in the future of the game, and the game player must also have heard of many Tencent beta Webpage Game Naruto, this anime masterpiece can page the tour of Webpage Game, presumably in the future there will be more long-term development. But that is not the case, the Webpage Game market in our country, although the overall industry is huge, but Webpage Game belongs to Pyramid industry, can really make money website is not much, but because of high cost, the need to maintain, so the short-term money demand is great, the development of Webpage Game website has become a problem. But this can represent the page tour site lose the significance of development? Obviously not, know the status quo, seize the opportunity, page tour site, can achieve self and industry beyond. read more

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As a webmaster don’t make money first

is getting ready to sleep. I remember one thing I didn’t do. Yesterday I wrote how to become a new webmaster in the future.  . I saw the response from my friends and asked me how to make money. So I had to sit up and write my thoughts.

most of the stationmaster was first sentence is said to do Wangzhuan is how to make money. Is it! Do Wangzhuan very set in order to make money and do not make money, why would I spend so much time and money? This is not much wrong. If you want to come, you don’t see how much you earn today, but it depends on how others do it. They made so much money was spent much time and sweat. read more

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Kaiser’s return to Kaiser service to O2O

/ Bian Haifeng (WeChat public number: rexuema)

in fact, there is a problem, this has been bothering me for six months, that is, O2O enterprises need to do push?. When more and more companies choose to do O2O push, especially some of the giants are doing push, and the data feedback is also good, I began to doubt my decision, once thought began to shake, push effective really? I mean the promotion for the client, rather than integrating the line resources.

I always do not understand is that a gene Internet company O2O, why do you want to go to the next line promotion, with internet marketing technology not accurate but choose, on the ground, used to promote the popularization of artificial way, it really let me some cannot read, do not know. Do not say ground promotion efficiency is higher, user value is greater, user stickiness is more sufficient, cost performance is more appropriate, read more

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Adsense profit is advertising or content only between the line

if I ask you, what do you think 58 city is a kind of Web site, you will certainly answer: 58 is an information network. I said that 58 is an advertising network, you want to not feel justified, in fact, many websites between advertising and information, the key is how your organization, can put ads into information, as we rubbish on the ground, how to turn classified, then the use of waste.

This is the most important

I was doing 28 Taobao Street idea, although the station looks like advertising, but I to better organize the presentation, will attract a lot of friend, to guide the Amoy shopping destination. First I in 28 key categories of classification, to form the most familiar shopping mall, divided into 28 street, then I put the Taobao crown stores were selected, a version of the Taobao brand cluster. This will give Amoy friends a better user experience. Let’s name a few more websites. read more

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