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TUR convenor Angela Rangad said they protested against Amit Shah’s visit because they believed he and his party were anti-tribal.

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he didn’t want it to end up in a warehouse someplace It’s been in the works for about a year and then more seriously through the last summer and then in the past several months there have been very serious discussions of how this might happen Q: How is the sub going to get to you guys at Woods Hole DG: It’s going to make the long truck ride from California to Cape Cod at the beginning of next month I’m hoping that we get to make several stops at various cities It’s a fantastic device and I’m hoping it will be an inspiration to kids It’s important for them to see this thing that one person through his own passion and curiosity designed built with his team and then went in by himself to the deepest part of this Earth I think it’s great especially in the midsection of this country where people don’t get to see the ocean every day Q: And what are you planning to do with it DG: It’s difficult to say right now We’re still beginning to understand exactly what’s on that submarine When you think about it the sub and all its technologies open up the entire ocean to exploration and so there’s an awful lot to think about—more than 95% of the ocean is unexplored Certainly the deepest parts of the ocean are of interest so in the next couple of months we’ll be using the cameras and the lights [from Deepsea Challenger] on one of our own robots It’s going to take some deliberation and some work not just by our team but working with Jim’s team as well to decide what to do next Q: So you’re using some of the parts for other projects Once you take it apart do you plan on putting it back together DG: Absolutely yes We have many many people who are standing in line to dive in the sub but it’s going to take a good bit of training before anyone does that We’re trying to learn from Jim how he got to this point so successfully and then we’ll incorporate that into our own work This is all very new to our scientists and engineers so it’s going to take a bit of time to come up to speed on the technology Q: So people are lining up to take a dive—is that part of WHOI’s plans DG: It’s not that easy to do In a way it’s very disruptive technology It’s not Alvin; it’s a one-person submarine it’s a radical design We have to satisfy a whole lot of different requirements before we can have an individual diving in it but we have people that really want to do it So they’re going to have to make a strong case But before we even get to that we’ve got so much to do in the near term with the other technologies—the cameras the lights the power—all of these things are advances for us and that’s going to take up the bulk of our time But you can imagine—if you had the chance to be trained and dive in it by yourself would you want to Q: In a heartbeat DG: There you go And you’d be pushing people to say why can’t I do that why do I have to wait Woods Hole has a thousand people here each one of them committed to exploring the ocean so the pressures to dive are growing But there needs to be training It’s one thing for Jim to put his life on the line in something he designed; it’s a whole other thing to send a scientist into that same submarine But I can tell you that in a few years Jim definitely plans to dive in that sub again Once he’s finished with Avatar 2 and 3 he’s looking forward to getting back out there and heading for the extreme deep So I know one person that stands a good chance of diving again Q: When you say that scientists are focused on using Challenger’s ancillary technologies in the near term what precisely will they be doing DG: Robotics We’ve got a robotics systems the Nereus system that’s all good to go Before Jim made this offer we were already heading to the deepest ocean with hadal research [The hadal zone named after the Greek god of the underworld is the deep sea zone below about 6000 meters] So we were already getting together the technologies and the science that would unlock the mysteries of the deepest oceans That being said we’ve only got one team the Nereus [submarine] team working on the deepest ocean right now This is a real windfall for us to be able to talk to Jim’s team who are very familiar with [deep-sea exploration] problems as well and find out what components of Jim’s dream can be used on our robots I can tell you right off the bat we plan on using his cameras and lighting this June in the Caribbean to explore some of its very deepest spots And that’s right around the corner from the expedition point of view It’s tomorrow It’s not a lot of time to come up to speed on these new systems and it’s every bit as dangerous as a space launch to go that deep in the ocean You can’t afford any sort of mistake or miscalculation So we have plenty to do just looking at the next deep-sea expedition let alone looking 5 or 10 years into the future And remember that you have two schools of the thought—the Jim Cameron passion-driven curiosity-driven dream to explore the deep ocean and then the Woods Hole step-by-step science engineering sound-footing not-too-many-risks approach And then bringing both of those together so you have elements of risk along with the soundness of science—only good things can come out of that but it’s going to take a while Q: Why would a scientist want to use Deepsea Challenger rather than a sub like Alvin DG: That’s a great question The greatest depth of the ocean is about 7 miles [11265 meters] so [Deepsea] Challenger opens up the entire ocean even the deepest trenches to exploration [Alvin can dive to just 4500 meters] These are places that have hardly been looked at before We’re talking about immense pressure and extreme cold There’s all these different kinds of challenges about working deep and Jim’s done that homework for us in his own way I think we get hung up a lot on the tangible submarine which is understandable; it’s a dramatic incredible device But this collaboration is as much about what we’re going to do together in the future … We’re looking at creating a whole new suite and breed of scientific equipment to explore and open up the deep ocean and humans and robots working together That’s what we’re going for; it’s not so much the here-and-now that we’re looking at it’s where we’re going to take this in the next 5 and 10 years Q: So does this mean you’re going to keep working with Cameron DG: Positively positively He agreed to be a member of a brand new initiative we started called the Center for Marine Robotics and that’s a consortium of places with robotic expertise—Georgia Tech [the Georgia Institute of Technology] Johns Hopkins MIT [the Massachusetts Institute of Technology] Carnegie Mellon and the like—and he’s agreed to be part of that advisory board But we’ll keep in close contact with his team Really this is just the beginning of a whole new era Q: What exciting technologies does Deepsea Challenger have other than the ability to go deep DG: If you want to go [to the very deep sea] in a submarine or if you want to send a robot that deep you’ve got to balance the weight of armor you have to provide to protect your instruments with an equal amount of flotation if you want to move around You can’t just sit on the bottom like a big paperweight; you want to move so you have to balance the weight with buoyancy And it’s not so easy to have buoyancy bubbles that can withstand 11000 or 12000 or 15000 or more pounds per square inch of pressure What Jim’s managed to do is find a flotation that doesn’t take up a lot of space but survives those depths and still provides the necessary buoyancy The deeper you go into the ocean the more sophisticated the technology you need And the beauty of it is that Jim’s already tackled that problem Q: Cameron had trouble getting funding to go down in Deepsea Challenger again Does WHOI have plans for securing funding to use the sub DG: We get a good deal of federal money through proposals we write to the government but we’re getting an increasing amount of support from individuals and foundations and even some from corporations That money is fantastic from the private sector because it allows us to be truly flexible and allows us to do what we do best which is to facilitate curiosity-driven research We’re looking at ways of doing exactly that not just relying on the federal government but looking at our relationships with individuals to help us get together the funding to work in places deep inside the ocean or to do projects which are scientifically risky for which we normally could not get federal funding Q: The US government just killed the National Undersea Research Program Do you think that means there’s less federal appetite for this sort of exploration DG: Consider the constraints on federal money It’s tough to make the case for basic curiosity-driven research I think we need to do better at showing people that it’s exploration yes and that’s exciting but at the end of the day it’s also about the relationship between humanity and the sea and that one thing we know from the ocean now is that the air we breathe the food we eat the water we drink all are tied to the behavior and health of the ocean By traditional senses sure there’s less money available but I think some of it will come back as we do a better job at explaining why we do what we do

the “immunoPET” scan indicated that the gut and lymph nodes harbored high levels of SIV. Youth Girls: Divya Deshpande, Now that the releases are all lined up for this year, For all the latest India News, Sadhvi Prachi, Samsung Once it goes on sale in March, For all the latest India News, For all the latest Delhi News, 2010 9:05 pm Top News For patients with a hardening of the neck arteries that can lead to a stroke, said Emirates Hospitality chairman Aldaba Saif Al Darmaki.

The Dubai opening by Emirates Hospitality will be the first franchise outside of the United States. interestingly, “Not always will a discussion about so-called ‘taboo’ issues such as menstruation and female masturbation be taken in the right sense,60 cr] and is now his *solo hero* HIGHEST GROSSER.” #Judwaa2 has a ROCK-STEADY Mon… [Week 2] Fri 4. and now she’s added a host of other viruses to the list of things she will not share. Supari’s position all along has been that the evil drug companies will turn these viruses into vaccines and then charge so much for their products that the poor countries the viruses came from will never be able to afford the life-saving products What we now see unfolding with the H1N1 vaccine scenario would seem to validate her argument Q: What could OGHA leadership do in terms of IndonesiaLG: It is vital that we have the leadership right now to say "Look everybody we’re all in one world The virus doesn’t carry a passport This virus will cross borders and we have to have global solidarity If it breaks down all bets are off" If we had an unfolding pandemic that ratcheted up a couple of notches so that the virus went through a mutational cycle and became more virulent without sacrificing its apparently extraordinary ability to transmit between humans then very quickly distributors in the United States would discover that our N-95 masks syringes latex gloves and protective gear for first responders are all made overseas Why should India or China let their manufacturers fill American orders for these products if their countries are being denied access and cannot afford vaccine and drugs for their own massive populations Q: There’s a flip side to it that a skeptic would raise This pandemic isn’t that deadly Isn’t the scenario you’re portraying in danger of exaggerating the threat to the point where it’s scaremongeringLG: The rebuttal is a no brainer We’ve never had a pandemic 6 threat declared before And you can argue until you’re blue in the face as to whether that was a smart or justified decision but it has happened What that signals to countries all over the world is not only are we supposed to rev up our surveillance and think about our pandemic response capacity we’re also supposed to have access to some tools for our public health tool kits Where is this stuff Q: Do you have an inside perspective as to why the OGHA Director has not been filled yet and whether there are candidates in lineLG: There are no candidates There is no real priority set by anybody that I can discern to getting that position filled Q: You’ve spoken to people about this What do they sayLG: The disappointment of Tom Daschle [who in February withdrew his name to serve as HHS secretary under Obama] set back everything in terms of appointments at HHS There are lot of empty seats still We also don’t have a director of the US Agency for International Development and that appears to be in large part because of the vetting process People have walked away from the job once they saw what the vetting ordeal was going to look like There is a leading candidate and the vetting is still not done Q: You said you were beyond ebullient when Obama came in Are you stillLG: I’ve had a couple of cold showers It’s apparent to me that we have very different views inside the government about what our commitments to global health and foreign assistance should look like and how they should be structured and organized There’s not a place on the planet that’s not challenged by swine flu right now scrambling to come up with resources and tools and plans Yet every country is finding it tough and the poor countries are suffering the most We have to show that we have an idea how to be a partner player in this new global landscape of global health The whole world recognizes fortunately that H1N1 right now is a relatively mild virus and we all have our fingers crossed that it will remain so But it is still the test case Thank goodness that the test for the world is a relatively mild virus God help us if right at this moment we were dealing with H5N1 in transmissible form Right now what the world is seeing is that when a pandemic comes the rich world takes everything and saves itself The hour long programme features three different stories of 15 to 20 minutes each. For all the latest Entertainment News,television.