Shanghai Longfeng practice 4 Shanghai dragon friendly URL structure




URL but it also has some problems, such as access to 贵族宝贝amazon贵族宝贝/abcdefg/dp/B002JPITY8 such URL, and will also appear in front of the same page. If these pages indexed by search engines, at least for Shanghai Longfeng no benefits. (do not rule out the possibility of competitors will set up a few cases to the website of Shanghai dragon)

series before the two articles have almost all of Shanghai Longfeng thought are covered, such as the beginning said, Shanghai dragon is nothing more than to the search engine friendly, or on the search engine user friendly, there may not be any more. Then it continued to put some more in detail. Because in the group can share the Bo open under the environment of the content is limited, so some bias and Shanghai Longfeng effect may not have a direct relationship, but also should be focused on the technical aspects of Shanghai dragon aspects.

URL is the product name, the underlined symbol of noble baby recommended separated on its website webmaster tools in help (slightly similar, love Shanghai search engine friendly guidelines presented in separate page title and the name of the web site is the best among the underline. Of course, the recognition mechanism and the search engine has nothing to do, they are not in any case may not recognize these delimiters, but for users will be relatively more friendly.

B002JPITY8 this kind of goods that are ASIN code, this is the one and only for each product, it can guarantee the goods will not repeat the release. Is a unique identifier for each product.




but Shanghai Longfeng above better scheme, directly output a canonic>

so what is the solution on technology? If you ask programmers, they may give the solution is: when the page is requested, URL read the first paragraph, and compared with the product name. If the agreement that returned to normal 404 pages, or throw exception.

for Shanghai dragon, URL good is what kind of? And in front of the same article, let us look at the Shanghai dragon top website Amazon, which is one of its product page:

The first section of the

DP, may refer to the Detail Product, is a special logo product page. As long as there is a URL in, both in traffic statistical tools or log analysis, can be very convenient for the type of product page flow to segments.