Look at the Google n House Shanghai Longfeng what inspiration to you

In-House is the company of Shanghai dragon? Their Shanghai dragon operations, called In-House Shanghai dragon. To be responsible for the company’s Shanghai dragon is not a simple matter, because he must have many qualities, we look at it, often asked whether we are technical or marketing of the Shanghai dragon? The Shanghai dragon? His answer was: I have the marketing people.

(3) must have the sales capacity of

What is

because now the Shanghai dragon must cross "marketing" and "technology", and even may also bring some "art". The first is before Web Designer (Webpage Designer) to become the artistic designer (Webpage Art Designer), to become the site administrator (Webmaster), (Website, Architect) website planners later to web designers into search optimization strategy division (Shanghai dragon Strategist), is now required to become a full range of Organic Web Strategist ZMOTer, also known as "network marketing planners"… This is the opportunity and challenge of Shanghai Longfeng workers.

(1) must be a thought leader

(2) must be able to influence others

because Shanghai Longfeng people can see what can help enterprises so as, in all cases, Shanghai Longfeng personnel in question, many people may be not observed, so Shanghai Longfeng personnel must have the ability to become a thought leader, guide enterprises to think.

author thinks that now the enterprise does not need to hire a In-House to Shanghai dragon often produce a report or to rank up, this would have been done, but the need for a In-House Shanghai dragon more analytical skills and attention in return on investment.

This is the

because the ultimate goal is to improve the sales of Shanghai dragon, so in the whole process, Shanghai dragon must with "

In-House should have the following characteristics: Shanghai dragon

of many people in the field of Shanghai Longfeng questions, such as people often say, our Shanghai dragon course is marketing oriented? Or technology oriented? We all think should be based on technology and achieve the highest efficiency for marketing purposes.

Therefore the author thinks that

since Shanghai Longfeng personnel will be observed that many others cannot observe things or thinking of others did not think the problem, so he will have to put these observations and suggestions on the influence of others, so Shanghai Longfeng staff must have the ability to influence others.