Please note U69 click union fraud features obviousAdsense should pay attention to several problems i

3, the league in May or so for 3 consecutive days 29 consecutive days without reason, all customer service personnel can not contact, and later restored, the original price from the original 0.1 yuan / click, all turned into 0.01 yuan / click. Once again find customer service, customer service said that now is 0.01/ click. But the League home page did not see any announcements. Later, I asked again and again, the customer service said, because someone cheated. obediently, this can be the best answer to any league problem..

after nearly half a month, found that u69 alliance with fraudulent characteristics, please be careful, and urged to carefully examine graph king in his own website advertising, determine its reputation, for the sake of the vital interests of the majority of the webmaster friends.

The fraud features of the

called for advertising the alliance graph king removed, so that more people cheated.

four, is the stability of Wangzhuan advertising alliance server. After the ad, if the server is not stable, not only will affect the advertising effect, but also affect the speed of their station, this point we should pay attention to.

, is to look at the advertising alliance Wangzhuan settlement timeliness. Now the alliance settlement through some monthly settlement, some weeks and day settlement, settlement. Daily settlement is generally a personal alliance, relatively good operation. Generally can choose Zhou settlement is better, neither cumbersome, the cycle is relatively short.

according to these problems, we in the process of operating the website, you can contact more monthly advertising, if you can’t pull monthly advertising, or monthly advertising price is too low. In the choice of Wangzhuan advertising alliance should pay attention to the following points:

three, is to choose reputable online advertising alliance. Do some regular business alliance, the company after all must consider the credibility, close to happen at least will not run away, a problem can also find people, not to cheat Adsense Wangzhuan money.

two, it depends on the accuracy of the advertising platform. Depends on whether the platform supports real-time data display. Put the ad, you can click on yourself to see if there is statistical data, and then find a friend to help point, and then test it, this method is very simple. Advertising platform for the system requirements are high, and some free procedures modified platform, in the accurate and security of the data will be a lot of problems, such a platform is generally recommended not to do.

three is the accuracy of the data. Now the webmaster is the strongest response strongly the accuracy of the data, some advertising alliance Wangzhuan deduction amount is serious, which we responded most strongly, serious damage to the interests of people.

1, see alliance announcement says 0.1 yuan / click, but the click that I register after advertisement produces shows 0.05 yuan / click. Later to find customer service asked, customer service said that now in the adjustment, a little really become 0.1/, click if it is formal alliances, pricing, which have so much randomness, said change to change. And the announcement does not agree with the actual situation

U69 alliance are as follows:

one is the problem of data openness. Some of the data to Wangzhuan advertising a day or even a few days before the update, and the public is very poor, the effect of advertising credibility, also make the webmaster for authoritative data doubt and helpless.

there are many small problems, here can not be one by one example, in short, U69 has too many liar features, we have to do it quickly removed, waste advertising bits, free to send traffic to them.

2, the night of May 25th, the company advertising picture suddenly become the home without any variable click of the alliance, a little common sense people understand that this is equal to the ratio of free white click. Later, 26 saw the internal announcement that the system is adjusted, not billing. Until May 31st, the picture advertising variables, but not the user IID variables, or accounting. Later, after my representations, the user ID variable recovery. really a flicker. First time to see an alliance using this method.

4, the Union’s payment standards in the Union’s description is 50 yuan from the payment, until I soon to 50 yuan, it changed to 100 yuan, and later became a 0.01/ click. fraudulent means, comprehensive application, admire

online advertising alliance more and more now, which brings convenience to the majority of owners, but also appeared many problems, there are some problems are still very serious damage to the interests of the majority of owners. VIP Resources Forum www.vipziyuan in order to summarize these problems under investigation is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

editor: this site is concerned about the matter, the next step on the matter verified!

two is the credibility of advertising alliances. Some online advertising alliance, modify a free program, began operating, good business will continue to operate, the operation is not good, the station was closed, they run away trouble, damage to the interests of owners of advertising.

5 month low, I saw from Adsense net advertisement: U69 Alliance: one click one dime, but went to register this alliance, and started to put on the advertisement.