The love sea search website and improve the user experience

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3, usually your search station, also is the domain name after a *, if it is a single column, you can choose the column before and after URL plus *. If you want to exclude a part of the search, it can be directly in the exclusion range add link to.

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keyword ranking brush, I early in the last year has been in the chain tools have been updated, can be directly in my blog outside the chain of tools directly brush this kind of keywords ranking, so the CMS inside our own search may have great risk /p> Shanghai dragon! "


back to the theme, Shanghai in search of love that point thing, love love Shanghai Shanghai at the launch site search online when I got the beta permissions, then use the love Shanghai station search, was included to increase the phenomenon, and automatically add the inner chain, also obviously increase user stickiness, secondly love is the sea search more relative to our own CMS search of humanity.

1, open the love sea search website, click on the top navigation button "new search box".


have friends ask me some questions about your website today, when I mentioned his site map, the number of updates, update time and other issues, his answer is relatively normal, the site is not included, and the site without revision like, through the analysis of his website, did not find out what is the only exception, website the search was brush ranking.

search was ranked in the last brush you see a lot of sites of this situation, including iResearch, love Shanghai hundreds of other large sites are search people brush ranking principle is to search the page included rankings, and search the contents as below:

will automatically save the home page, this time the new search box below will have a "check code" button to get the code, the code is installed to your site need to install a >

love Shanghai station search website: 贵族宝贝zn.baidu贵族宝贝/

2, according to their website template color selection style into a suitable collocation of your web site, here is optional. Then click on the next



love Shanghai search


4, a search box on the right side of the senior function can directly forecast the demonstration effect, select the right, you can directly see the effect, of course, a reasonable result to choose according to your own web width, style, open drop-down and hot words search, these three functions can prompt text.