On page quality score

then the factors influencing the quality score of

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website optimization we need to define a concept: first in ranking individual is a page, which is the essence of a home page.

The scarcity of

is the essence of Ranking Ranking, only to see the digital sort, such as two students who study well, is essentially the two students test scores into a number, then compare. This method is also applicable to the website ranking. The search engine converts the various performance of our website into a score, add up the scores, get the quality score of a page, which is called weight. The site in accordance with the weights ranging from high to low, this is the essence of ranking.

so, what is the essence of ranking

as a well-known blogger said "we speak of scarcity, not equal to repeat, repeat for main content page, we should evaluate the existence and content of site gain gain, only to repeat page amounts of no gain, we should think the scarcity degree is low. The quality of the page is a reflection of the degree of satisfaction of the demand. To determine the page quality, should be gradually from the most basic demand. The site should have a certain degree of stability, access speed to satisfactory, the main content is complete, the layout and font is readable, various types of advertising will not be too much, the browsing experience is poor. When lifting page quality will tend to increase the added value of the page, so that the effect of gain, make the page more scarce. So here will be scarce and the quality of the page used to say.


refers to other web pages and pages on the Internet highly repetitive. If an article on the Internet has spread, it is obvious that there is no need to repeat the search engine included. For users, this article, users can see in Sina NetEase, why you see

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page SNR:

page signal-to-noise ratio refers to the ratio of the page text and non text page, the signal-to-noise ratio is greater than at least 1, non text "we call boilerplate text, and the template text are almost the same. A lot of friends of the web page content is only one hundred or two hundred words, so that the signal-to-noise ratio is too low, will result in the eyes of search engines page repetition rate is too high, if the page repetition rate is higher than 80%, will lead to fall right.

, you smooth this is your advantage; others such as the layout is very bad, wrong words, color coordination, but the content is very valuable, you can do typesetting, correct spelling, reasonable collocation of color; such as the article as very good, but still can excellence, you can remove some useless and complements; such as the article is pure theory, you can add some of their own experience, give some examples such as the article is not complete; then you can be good some relevant content will be the perfect; there are such as a > 2