Wang Tong the study of how micro blog Shanghai Longfeng algorithm

about half a year, one day accidentally saw his micro-blog, almost no update for half a year, but fans increased 20 thousand, opened it, is the true fans, and most of them are the red wine industry people. So I call this guy, you do not play the micro-blog account to me. The results of this man a log in to your account to see, very excited, because there are many Wine manufacturers sent a message to him, why give him the money, let him play advertising in micro-blog.

so, if you want to study micro-blog Shanghai dragon algorithm, how do you start?

in the past year, the Internet every day time, at least 1/5 of the time is to soak in micro-blog, even though not much, see right in, or PC, or MAC, or platform, or using a mobile phone. Because it is too easy, so micro-blog gradually become one of the most important platform for our understanding of information, information transmission and information release.

1, in the name of

This is

? A few days later, at that time in the micro-blog search in "Wine", he came to the front, he is more excited. The next two months, a lot of Wine micro-blog update. Later? For some reason, he had to go back to his hotel to the whole, micro-blog no longer control over.

when using micro-blog, when we want to know some information or find a person, will use micro-blog search, then micro-blog search ranking algorithm also has a natural. As long as the understanding of the algorithm, and then set up their own micro-blog, when micro-blog released into some skills, you can make your own personal information from micro-blog or micro-blog, easy to get good rankings, this is a very good way of promotion.

I give the man a simple integer few strokes, ranking immediately. But in the next time, Sina also constantly improve their counted, into the more natural factors. For example, content authentication level label, release time, the quality of fans……


3, your fans more


: the first station to the user’s point of view, the "

so in the beginning of last year, I asked Wang Shaoliang to study micro-blog marketing, then from micro-blog Shanghai Longfeng with research. So, he has dozens of accounts, every day doing analysis and research. In the past two years, micro-blog search algorithms are constantly changing…

realize that this is the earliest in the year before, when a man wants to do red wine, and then he registered a micro-blog; at that time I helped him do a super simple modification, that is the micro-blog name plus "Wine", then put his introduction into the key words. Then people give him 30 thousand zombie fans.

2, introduced in the

for example, two years ago, the algorithm is very simple, only need to:

The results of