To love the Shanghai algorithm to upgrade their attribute values for dynamic update of Shanghai Drag

Analysis of

most of the time, we are all in the chain to go, to do, but you have not thought about the content of your chain is for the data to make sense? In the chain, you can see what the chain has brought traffic to their website, in the content, you you can see what users stay longer, the bounce rate is relatively low, then compare what you can see some things, the integrity of it, is often a website is very meaningful to think. In fact, in the tool, we often see these, however, if you just look at an article, but not implemented, these are the clouds, give you a good advice, and then you take the advice to do some things out, this is certainly something worth in progress. The site is always love Shanghai pressure, have proficiency in a particular line in hand, why not make a good site

I believe in the near future, love Shanghai and a major update, this update is mainly for the chain of circumstances, do not know how many friends still insist on the way of the chain, are still trying to link as the first element of yourself, love Shanghai the adjustment of the algorithm, in any case. As a Shanghai dragon Er, need to use 100% of the mind to treat, no matter how the future changes, as Shanghai Longfeng er must upgrade their property values, achievements in their own way after the upgrade the value of the property, then a Shanghai dragon which attribute value

Shanghai dragon property value two: Shanghai dragon +ppc

often seen in remember in the statements of a school blog, the data analysis for the importance of Shanghai dragon, each analysis can be seen in the spider crawling spider crawling control trend, a considerable number of pages is a very important thing, the transfer of this link on the page, the arrangement is very necessary and if the data is a set of spider in the string of words, then the week we observed that after the trace is the spider, how to guide spiders more on the page, is the significance of data analysis.

attribute value of Shanghai Dragon: data analysis

data, whether every day is still trying to open their own statistical code, look at how the traffic today, whether every day use webmaster tools to check their own included, outside the chain, snapshots? These are the data report of our daily needs, perhaps, you still continue to struggle in your query every day how much traffic from different search engines, perhaps, you are still those statistics every day from the chain into your site search page, but these things have many friends are doing every day? In fact, the data analysis, we in Shanghai dragon in the learning process, a very important, this one also it is easy to show website which disadvantages and advantages, only these statistics, in order to complete know the significance of Shanghai dragon.

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