Original the chain network Aaron to quantity and quality

Shanghai has a collection of love correlation ?

your post replies are not included if you love Shanghai, is the theme of your site and post is the relevant content, but love Shanghai not included your post, how will give you the weight, the second is the best thing, but not included in more than a month, your this post can be said to be hopelessly, this forum is a waste of time, so you know how to give up, replies is you search this topic Posts content, open the love Shanghai snapshot see if your reply, if there can be calculated weight, whereas not what meaning, you must be love Shanghai included is the chain.

three, post shelf life

has a total collection of forum posts also have the capacity limit, you can’t always have this post, unless you are very good, very high quality, a lot of people in the back, you may keep the post >

have many webmaster hard every day in the webmaster forum posting replies, but always ask why I rankings do not go up? It is because the chain is the source of most of the forum, blog, the quality is very low, that is why some sites included not you, not your snapshot, ranking but better than you are, others do the chain are of high quality, as you always in the forum post replies, so the chain is still there, but not high quality. That what the chain’s high quality must meet the following conditions

if your site is do Shanghai dragon, you specifically write Shanghai Longfeng post posting replies in the A5 forum, that give weight is very good, it will make love Shanghai plate can identify whether the contents of relevant to your site, if not related links, give weight is very low otherwise, so many people say what relevance is important, many webmaster blind every day in the A5 essay there about Shanghai dragon card, some weight, the premise is the card has been included in Shanghai love, or do not calculate the chain your right, A5 is a place in irrigation can have. Contact your website? We too should not, originally the irrigation chat plate have become garbage outside the chain site, so we send the chain must be made to the provisions of the plate, there are corresponding A5 The Shanghai dragon plate ah, why a lot of people do not go there to reply, the reason is that A5 in the popular, everyone wants to go reprint his post, but how many people go to reprint, but not reproduced will keep your copyright, does harm to others, now A5 is love Shanghai it is not so frequent, and even some not included.

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many webmaster think the number of ranking must be very good, but in fact, not the chain, ranking will be very good, the chain in the ranking factors proportion is great, so to tell you to do the chain quantity or quality of