How to analyze the Shanghai dragon competition

second: the chain is a very important role in the optimization of Shanghai dragon, the chain including Links and one-way links and so on, analysis the link quality, building links, links where, and whether there is a link to buy this one, if the good places and resources we can learn, is not good for us and it can be avoided.

now the Shanghai dragon is no longer mechanical operation, it is a very important way in network marketing, need powerful strategy and execution, Shenzhen chapter source network marketing 贵族宝贝 article is original, reproduced please keep the source

Tang Taizong Li Shimin once said: "with copper as a mirror, you can dress; a mirror, one can know the rise and fall; from gains and losses from this sentence can be obtained, we must learn to analyze competitor’s website, to enhance their own good website Shanghai dragon.

2, analysis of the main competitors in the keywords ranking, including a large number of long tail keywords, so you can help your web site to dig the long tail, and can more clearly understand the competitors of Shanghai dragon strategy where each stage has what changes.

then as Shanghai dragon Er how to think, how to analyze the data of

: the first one of the most important reference value is Shanghai dragon is one of the keywords ranking, which is also a major source of traffic to the site, but also to see the site in the search engine, so learn to analyze competitor keywords ranking, this can be analyzed from two aspects.

here Xiaobian introduce a search instruction others the way of the chain: domain: website

how to analysis of the web site? I think to do a website analysis of competitors from the following three points:

third: is the analysis of opponent web content, content is the root of a website, to analysis the content of the website, the people of Shanghai Longfeng strategy, including the center of gravity in which, whether the original content, the content is updated daily and content sources.


I heard a word, always love, and encourage me going forward in the Shanghai dragon road, this sentence is: not the thinking and analysis of Shanghai dragon Er, is always a chain of migrant workers.

, from the 1 aspects to analyze the search keywords, you do the keywords, to analyze the keyword rival Shanghai dragon, come to this keyword is much competition.