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according to reports, 55000 square meters of space planning monomer provides more than 2000 joint stations, 4500 square meters of office space, more than 60 exclusive investor meeting room, 1000 square meters of underground workshop, 15000 square meters of accelerator service space, 10000 square meters of living facilities, 10000 square meters garden square.

business circle, Tencent partner innovation public record space Beijing operator responsible Liu Huaiyu introduction, Tencent multi-creation space Beijing is not limited to, build in 55 thousand square meters, the design of functional space.

is different from the usual imagination, Changping District Huilongguan area in Beijing City, the country’s largest integrated business space is located in Zhongguancun from dozens of kilometers away, a lot of people unfamiliar with the name Huilongguan somewhat, but from Huilongguan sh419 and other Internet Co from the more recent, many Internet practitioners in Huilongguan housing, so Huilongguan gathered a large number of Internet related personnel.

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also offers intelligent office systems for entrepreneurs. As long as the IT system is intelligently controlled based on WeChat, you can manage it remotely with your mobile phone

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      the third way is to use shlf1314 and sh419, this way, but it will cost a little money. But the effect is very direct. I once saw a Beijing Polytechnic and a girl hanging in my Taobao ads with shlf1314 webmaster -_-!! don’t report me, I point to see their ads. shlf1314 account fees cheaper $5, there are two hundred pieces of money the owner can try ^_^. Good. at the beginning of the article lists my website, will let you feel a little ad, but no doubt it’s Bug did so little to ^_^, although sometimes people love money, but if from helping others to come. What’s so bad about that?.

      we shop for a long time, a lot of good business people ^_^. But I really don’t know what business people do. I am also very attentive to customers, has always been a benign countenance, my goods is also good. Why are there so few people selling my things?. In fact, this is the same as the year Moutai wine, people say that wine is not afraid of deep alley, this is wrong. You have such a good thing, why don’t you let people all around the world know, so that everyone can share such good wine?. When Moutai is to the cocktail party broke the wine jars just let people know. But the clothes are not let people know the tear -_-!!!! in fact, there is a way to let bugs, now for everyone to talk about. Bug is a small webmaster, with station experience to give a talk on how to promote their own things, rest assured, will not let you feel ridiculous.

, a period of more than more than 40 entrepreneurial team settled early, the valuation of a total of more than 2 billion, the total amount of financing more than 200 million, including general robot, intelligent vehicle robot car radish, radish, Palm Bay, science and technology project Star Chi Walker unmanned vehicles, Hunan, everyone dream with the new economy, 100, micro pass, date selection, intelligent association, Tsinghua X-studio laboratory, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics robot laboratory, covering all areas of mobile Internet, smart hardware, cultural and creative, intelligent manufacturing, education, medical, O2O etc..

June 2nd, 55 thousand square meters, is the single largest venture Chinese complex Tencent multi-creation space Beijing, the establishment of an open platform, Tencent ener entrepreneurial circles and Changping District people’s government announced today that the public record space in July 7th will be fully opened.

 :     the first way I say is to write articles, write an article based on your product, and then write your own shop in the article, just like me, ha ha. Don’t underestimate an article. What do you see, Xu Jinglei? What blogs do you have? Tens of thousands of people visit them every day. The exposure rate is high. Seriously, the Internet is a wonderful -_-!! we all know this, an article is reproduced to hundreds of websites is a normal thing, leading to many of the guests need is black. Got it?. In fact, I stand on the whole is reproduced to the, -_-!! who is the copyright to tell me, I immediately removed.

here can carry more than 500 start-up team, more than 3500 practitioners, but also for investors and institutions, Pei Youxiang office space.

+ Business Library "founder, CEO Zhang hit back + community to provide more data, Huilongguan currently has about 600000 residents, of which 18-45 years old, college degree above the proportion of the population as high as 68%, which provides sufficient reserves of talent for business space.

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      the second method is to find a small advertisement in the management of site cooperation, related sites, not very expensive, of course, you can also see and contact the webmaster can in their own income from the actual site part of the station, the station is also very poor, I like -_-! Good! Well, this station to Alibaba company opened their own Ali mother where to find the site location.

will be in July this year in Beijing, Huilongguan, the grand opening of the Tencent public record space Beijing by the Changping District government support, the Tencent open platform on the core resources, innovation business circle investment operations, space area of 55 thousand square meters, is for the three party cooperation to jointly build, entrepreneurs and investment institutions to the public record space.