Love Shanghai network promotion and bitter acid

4, the website project budget

3, the website of Shanghai Longfeng, due to the characteristics of the industry, the establishment of the three sub stations, a website of the product are roughly the same, but there are also slightly different. This is what I consider two sub stations, set a different title,.

2, website update frequency

update frequency did not keep3,

, enterprise website construction site before, I thought about building new sites, but considering the company’s budget and timing, and other technical reasons. I spent nearly two weeks in the final part, finally get rid of wandering, decided to change the old station template, the opening of the new domain name do stand. Such considerations do include:


site pseudo original do the poor, this is mainly as a marketing executive I did not timely attention to update the content, not by Professor good pseudo original, so that the website content with the content of Internet convergence is too strong, love Shanghai included slow, poor ranking

The website

1, pseudo original failure

5, three sub stations, each station has to be updated columns. This is considered from the perspective of Shanghai dragon, is the industry leading thought, good service our customers at the same time, in order to attract more visitors to

1, the website style is the atmosphere, this is the boss (non network sources) requirements, and I believe the benchmark

two, the content of the website construction enterprise website all too written less, of course there are a lot of enterprise website to update. So I think the content of the website construction enterprises should have the service knowledge, strong and professional. There should be a lot of content to be written, three branch companies have focused on the topic of their unique columns to interpret this industry. This is why the website content of the website, but why still included bad? The specific reason is:

2, the website structure is unique, is my latest attempt (Home + three branch website)


three sites, which increased the difficulty of site management personnel management. The website is mainly pre sales network and network editor to complete the update site, which has several random. Without a system update,


enterprise website is my first official business enterprise website. Before the promotion of a few, but not an individual surgeon, it is not so nervous. This is really in charge of my time, I am also not bottom, review focus on love Shanghai love Shanghai included, outside the chain of these days, I have a lot of love Shanghai network promotion and bitter acid to share with you, this is my first time to write this article to share, hoping to encourage home

The analysis of



this link is not good, so that love Shanghai has been included not ideal! This link specific reasons or template: homogenization of content convergence caused by