An analysis of the importance of attention to hot news on Taobao Shanghai Dragon


news to promote the principle of traffic to the site believe we have heard, but the difficulty in the Shanghai dragon staff how to grasp the hot news, produce flow. The network is generally needed by days and months multiplying and sensitivity to intuitive web content to judge. For example a very common image is the front position of the mop贵族宝贝 message: "in case of fire!", which is actually a prediction on the content of the post will not pop up.


in the code at the same time, Taobao crab the word "Qi B skirt", but "Qi B" or you can search, but will not lose the crab. According to an authoritative website, Qi B small skirt in Taobao has been selling items. The author also conjures a case of the lunar new year when encountered in the promotion.

With the help of


through this figure we can observe that "love Shanghai mussels" Daily Index in 400~600, but the word began to soar from January 23rd, the highest is 27 days, love Shanghai index reached 5500. And just at that time, Taobao through the "mussel" search to seafood porch mall traffic in 27, reached a peak of 1031, and some long tail, together with a total of around 1100, while the word "mussel" usually flow only in dozens of UV.

compared to the electricity supplier, and so. Because I worked for a B2C Taobao mall, so we give two examples, the author hopes Taobao Shanghai dragon, perhaps we can give some enlightenment.

recently, actually is not recently, and held the day before micro-blog fire of an Internet celebrity, is the "Godfather" of Zhou Rui emily. Zhou Rui exposes a young model and "Godfather" at the birthday party photos caused widespread concern, micro-blog Zhou Rui said thanks to the godfather NPC and CPPCC birthday dinner time during the busy, fire all over the net.

analysis of the fundamental reason is that a few days people贵族宝贝.cn published an article in the "17 most aphrodisiac tonic food" as the title of the article, including second kinds of food is "mussels". And ifeng贵族宝贝 reproduced and put in the health section of the home page, so this article in the popular network. (a customer at the time of the purchase also mentioned whether the kidney also confirms the mussel, is this reason. ) to seize this opportunity, by increasing the train dynamics, shipping and other marketing > hand

Zhou Rui speculation or idiotic or we don’t comment on and all the relevant system within the content of crab. From the perspective of Shanghai dragon, the biggest contribution is held the red "Qi B skirt". This is a chance for the electricity supplier, a small drainage. You know, Taobao is the most popular clothing industry category, so there are below: