Rose some of the views of Shanghai love sharing recommended button

finally, look forward to sharing love Shanghai to become a very good plug-in, help me.

rose love Shanghai blog share number


love Shanghai share recommendation button can show how long? According to sniff the rose test, usually as long as normal website snapshot update, the fastest 1 days will be able to show that a snapshot update can be displayed. With two times the snapshot update, now my blog page display share number is 4, but the actual display share is 8, this is not because the snapshot not updated, but because another test do: with IP, sharing love Shanghai not included in the recommended number of share.

A small plug-in

now, there are still many owners in Shanghai to share love brush two, because the popularity of the website is up to ZAC and why of the Shanghai Shanghai dragon love share number is 400 and 169, and some enterprise site so there are hundreds, or even more. At present, there was no brush love Shanghai share will be punished, but believe Shanghai will take some measures for this phenomenon, and clearly pointed out that doing useless.

the most recent fire is love Shanghai share plug-in, because on the one hand, this plug-in is love Shanghai pushed out, similar to Google + plug-ins, there is some help for website evaluation, in addition there are certain parts of friends that love Shanghai to share love Shanghai optimization, this view has also been ZAC support.

Some of the views of

ZAC in a blog about his love for Shanghai to share data affect the ranking of speculation: love Shanghai sharing website ranking will influence, but we don’t share much higher ranking, but indirectly through that influence website ranking. I think his argument is quite reliable speculation, because it is the installation of love Shanghai sharing plugin after impact on the speculation, this speculation is confined to the site of the internal interaction on the influence of the ranking, if be amplified to external interaction to a certain impact on the website ranking, the lack of a comprehensive, because right now the situation, many sites have not yet installed love Shanghai share plug-in, it used to affect the ranking on the lack of true and authoritative, so as the proof, is quite a good idea.

also noted that the front brush can also share love Shanghai resolution, this ZAC also mentioned, although smart you can certainly find that the best ways to avoid the brush to love Shanghai to share, but this point is definitely not love Shanghai share the original intention, if in accordance with the front ZAC guess, love Shanghai share and users stay on the web, the rate of internal interaction well confirmed, can accurately distinguish whether brush share issues, and to evaluate the website.


love Shanghai sharing recommended button