Four site detection should be paid attention to

contains "URL?" is a dynamic URL, static page suffix is.Html.Htm.Shtml. If 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/forum-56-1.html is a static url贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/forum.php? Mod=post& action=newthread& fid=56 is a dynamic url

is the most common example is the copy in the e-commerce site, the manufacturer’s product description is almost all the retailers to copy. The easiest way to make sure you have duplicate content is to check the CopyScape.

opened the closed dynamic pseudo static and pseudo static trust love Shanghai more, so the pseudo static instead of dynamic. Static URL has certain advantages in the search engine. Can be more convenient to search engine spiders to crawl the web. To facilitate users to browse.

in the detection of the site, the key is to find the 301 and 302 as the search engine will point to the final destination of URL, so it is important to ensure that the 301 and 302 code is search engine friendly and can be from one page to another jump. We can use some tools to check. 404 error page processing certainly need to detect. The wrong link will lead to the spider can’t crawl, if on your site so they can not climb up and certainly not in the search engine index. Therefore not included, no website snapshot update. Through the webmaster tools and Google webmaster tools can query error link

is the most common problem is the internal competition and duplicate content. When multiple versions of a search engine can access and index of the same page, is very likely to filter out all of the index.

has several server response code, will affect your search engine optimization, such as 301, 302 and 404. These numbers refer to the operation of the server command, when the user tries to request a page. These responses may be 301, 302 or 404, which means that the requested page does not exist. A 301 response code means that the requested page has been permanently moved to a new location, or jump. Similarly, 302 is a temporary redirect or redirect page level resources to be mobile, but it is not in the server configuration.

in order to avoid this situation, in the description of the products add some of their comments, let it become the one and only, you may be competitors in the talent shows itself — and they probably use the same manufacturer product description. Repeat the page is not only a waste of spiders, and waste > page




two, dynamic or unfriendly

, a server response code

three, duplicate content issues