About in the construction site before the two most important points of planning

              recently took over a site on their own, but also think about a site how to do this, to maximize the website of the friendly, very important natural structure, but most choose a key word early keywords distribution, and framework, and most of the Shanghai dragon is just perfect now really should be considered, a new natural growth is slow, now love Shanghai for us, a lot of efforts to delay the update, the role of the chain is delayed, the simplest is a link only to stable in order to play the role of voting, which means against link efforts, efforts to investigate love Shanghai become more powerful. But this time, the more need to examine the form on their own website to make the most clear guidance.

              the beginning part, that is the wording of keyword and title, here there are many are described, and the keyword title, each keyword has a good, I feel it a keyword. A website would be better, this website can have a lot of the key words of the long tail distribution that can be a simple "Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon Technology", etc. are some of the long tail of Shanghai Longfeng distribution, and in many Internet companies is such a product and another product, then another, and not a trace of the correlation of these products is big pear, many people have said that a site keywords choose up to 3 is good, can I want to say is a website of a relationship, don’t let another keyword affect another, this is the place to learn, be professional, do better than random, if you really need to do, so long to find some network promotion personnel, build some of these keywords products website well, the maintenance content, then write this website from long tail keywords, you believe, there will be a better way to do. This is the website of their own ideas, also need to do a good place.

              then the key layout, a key layout, many times to the layout of the key word should be how to do, how to maximize the efficiency of the spider can climb to a page can be included and included are valid and effective interface. I hope that it can cross section is competitive ranking, if there are some sections included are not included, what about the ranking, or is included after put out what. So a good layout can save a lot, but also the most need the key on improving several aspects of the spider, I think the most important is the standardization of URL, directory layer.