Shanghai dragon like a marriage than for long with vigour and vitality

in Shanghai dragon in the industry, is often the mind skills, determines the success or failure. We will inevitably encounter errors in the process of optimization, and when we need to clear the misunderstanding of these errors, the only way to remove a stumbling block in many websites! Just enter Shanghai dragon industry for the novice Shanghai dragon industry positioning a technology live, as long as the use of good will in the short term creating huge profits. This many novice at the beginning of Shanghai dragon are with vigour and vitality. In fact, Shanghai dragon is like marriage, often more suitable than going with vigour and vitality.

in fact, you may think it is easier to understand. For example if you are a business owner, you hire a just out of the community college students, and the students did not put their hearts into their work, but playing tricks to show their strength like a monkey, want to host. Indeed, to the high water flows downwards, we are out of the society is to improve myself, but as a graduate who you have to weigh yourself how your gold, if you do not have gold and not from the basic work, then how in the boom vigorous play, the boss will not the value you. Here is a search engine like the boss, but our site is like a newly graduated college students, we do not expect this station, tomorrow love Shanghai ranked first; don’t count on a few high quality outside the chain can get good rankings, sometimes, attitude determines a cut.

error: fast ranking

optimization is a technique to live, Xu stepped into this industry newcomers every day to try to figure out the brains of baby or noble love Shanghai algorithm, that can find a ranking of the shortcut, even to his groundless statement a whoop and a holler. To spend money to get the ranking, Shanghai dragon to get traffic to do search engine ranking no ground for blame, the first page is not difficult, keywords choose a no competition, the station outside the station optimization ranking quickly up slightly. When do not search with vigour and vitality of the word ranking what meaning? For our site is not about blindly chasing the high ranking, more is to consider the rate of return on investment, no investment returns ranked even with only water.

ranked first with vigour and vitalityDo

based search engine perspective to this problem: if you are a search engine, you will make a just well site in the front row? Any time > site optimization

with vigour and vitality

some sites started often in order to make Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, content outside the chain of interest has been so rush on like a swarm of hornets, but the site is left out in the side, do you think he will like your site? Site optimization should be going to do, let the search engine spiders feel a stable "love".

error two: the keyword

error three: the Shanghai and Shanghai dragon with vigour and vitality to dragon