The daily optimization work which step you do

first, statistical data analysis.

third, the diagnostic application of grasp.

is the data elements we must grasp the latest web site, provided by Webmaster Platform statistical data, we can clearly understand the current state of the site. The thermodynamic diagram for example, click the show deep color, but also display click on the content, and we can analyze the thermodynamic diagram will focus on the most obvious position can guarantee the traffic source. At the same time, the thermal map data also allows us to infer current user needs, through this data in the station to add relevant information can enhance the user experience, is an intelligent data.

as the site of the Shanghai dragon Er we often for website updates will not be included and distress, and love to grab Shanghai webmaster tools in diagnosis can solve this website for us. When we carry out the daily updates to the site to use this tool, as long as the registration, verification can be very simple to use. As long as we will submit URL, shows the capture success, as long as the quality of content can soon be displayed, then we can grab on the frequency is adjusted by the daily renewal efforts, then the site included crawling can be ensured.

fourth, attention webmaster message.

open source network makes the site safety has become a problem of concern now, once the site was linked to horse, light is the site ranking 100, while K station is right down. But we can not 24 hours all day long on site, but Webmaster Platform for us to monitor the site data, once the site was linked to horse or security vulnerabilities will inform us by mail or in the form of information. At this time we can timely, if not the first time processing can be used to close station protection. Pay attention to safety information is equivalent to the webmaster for the site to buy a insurance, for the daily optimization work adds a power.

fifth, outside the chain of observation.

generally, the user is searching for web site keywords heard views, quality and we can show keywords and the amount of traffic to determine the content of the web site. The data we can also use Adsense tools to get through the keyword and click to show the amount of data we can analyze website title and website ranking part of efforts.

chain making the Dennis will no longer say, early site outside the chain can be maintained at around 200, Links in 30 left.


website optimization requirements so persevere, daily optimization work is particularly important. Now a lot of Shanghai Longfeng Er log, said daily optimization work is presumably making and content of the chain update. The author Dennis opinion, this is just one of the daily work. Then, there are those who work belongs to the daily optimization work of the category of

second, the number of keyword statistics.