Shanghai dragon ER novice how to efficient conversion of veteran experience

as Shanghai dragon ER novice has a great advantage, is to dare to innovate, dare to break through.

many veterans who think the site outbound links will drop right, of course, in fact is true, but a lot of new Shanghai dragon ER wanted to do not understand this, because many of the portal home page will be more than hundreds of outbound links, then this is not to be in love with the sea portal will complete? On the contrary, the portal as in the past the high ranking. So a lot of Shanghai dragon ER beginners think export link more never mind. It is this idea, make the site optimization in quite a few detours.

: the first to learn

two: export link will drop right confused

! In fact,

three: Shanghai dragon veteran of view is not full of

may be a lot of Shanghai dragon ER novices believe that records of these work have what meaning? As the day to set down a series of facts in general, boring, but also a waste of time, affect the work efficiency. But this feeling cheated a lot of new Shanghai dragon ER, in fact the running account records, can let you in a month later, to analysis quickly, you are doing what is useless, what effect, so after a long-term accumulation of experience, you will find the ranking of a website promotion, your speed will be more and more open, you may need several years previously, but now only need several months, you will realize from the transformation of the old rookie.

data recording and analysis

Shanghai veteran and rookie difference dragon optimization, not because of what the sophisticated optimization techniques of Shanghai Dragon Master veteran, but the veteran can bring these technologies to use these technologies more is to reach the acme of perfection, and has a wealth of experience, and experience is the most deficient in Shanghai Longfeng ER beginners Shanghai dragon ER! So novices how to the veteran experience into their own can absorb and thus carry out the innovation journey? The author’s own cocoon Road, and the Shanghai ER share a dragon novices to understand yourself.

is now a lot of Shanghai dragon ER novice most of his time in the chain and content, but they don’t know, the chain and the content is only a relatively simple part of Shanghai Longfeng optimization process, as long as the work in a large company before the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon ER every day there will be a lot of records to fill in, and every end of the month will be the time summary and analysis.

in fact, the number of outbound links number is tracked, not much, not less, this is a measure of the problem, the general high quality website, you can derive a quantity, and low weight site, the number of outbound links is not much, it can explain why the portal can stand 200 outbound links to and has no impact on the site, and some sites more than 30 outbound links, will be right down the confused love Shanghai