The example analysis site title change impact on search engine

three, show the title of

as shown below, without WWW is the latest snapshot of the title and description are the latest, with the title of WWW is the latest, but the description is a part of the text before the interception.

keyword on the selection is related to the website operation effect, if the website keyword selection errors, then we have to find the right way to make the website keywords >

, WWW and WWW without updating is not the same as

in many cases, the search engines don’t love our revision of the website or to modify the title, description, so in the general case, we also try not to modify the site title, description, especially frequent changes, the optimization of website adverse. But in some special cases, in order to better our long run website, can not avoid doing so. Modify the site title can have the following situations:

two, before will retain the weight of

search "visitors" before this keyword, snapshots will appear in search results, or snapshot shows before the weight of search engines on the old "reserved keyword weight.

, a web site keywords do not choose

other search keywords, description text appeared "change, that change get search engine recognition. But the title is a bit of a problem, the search results appear in the title of "professional visitors, visitors, visitor registration system provider" this sentence is not the title of the page, but a cut from the article text, and note that this text is represented by the H1, but not H3 or other interception the tags in the text, the search engine is different for H1 tags in the text, H1 tags have certain effect on optimization. Moreover, the different search keywords, there are some pages before snapshot, new changes, some text in H1.

this year, love Shanghai "6.28 event" dump earth, breaking the search field has long been silent on the battlefield, "8.22 incident", let you more love Shanghai according to the rules, and now the 360 night battle staged in the sea, the second half is really the search industry upheaval period. Can not say that a company’s website Born Under A Bad Sign, it is in such a period, boldly chose a risky attempt. On August 28th, I conducted a small local adjustment to a visiting aircraft company website, including web page title, keywords, description of home page. Modify the site after the success of re launched, in addition to the special to do some new keywords chain and update news, do not have any other treatment. Today the check updates of the search engine, found and summed up the following points:

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