Survey data about Google personalized search the majority of people hold a negative attitude

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about the nobility baby +, AYTM proposed the two survey questions:


+ nobility baby will affect your search results, you will want to use more noble baby +

data from: SYTM

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survey respondents mainly used search engine.

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the first question, 19.3% of respondents answered "yes", and another 20.3% of respondents said they did not really use the noble baby + account, 60.4% of the respondents said they were not of noble baby + account or do not know what this is



we need to point out that although this is just a small survey, but he is also an important observation, we can see from the survey respondents for personalized search are negative attitude. This search for some respondents attitude will affect the direction of the new Google search. This paper is composed of the data 贵族宝贝05idc贵族宝贝 compiled, reproduced please keep the source.

then the second is about the survey respondents to personalized search and noble baby + participation attitude.

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earlier this month, the market survey data provider Ask Your Target Market tool (SYTM), investigators on personalized search on Google attitude about 400 American adults. Today announced the results of a survey. Our analysis of the survey results can be found that the majority of respondents said contradiction or new personalized search for Google said completely dissatisfied.

for this problem, 7.5% of respondents said "yes", they will be more likely to use baby + nobility. But 44.4% of respondents said "no", 48.1% of respondents said "maybe".

data from: SYTM

from the data we can see that Google’s market share is very high.

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positive attitude on this issue. But obviously we can see that this does not hold contradictory or love search results accounted for the majority (84.5%), of which 45% of respondents said they do not want all of the search results are personalized. So the negative attitude of the people accounted for a dominant position.

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