Scarlett One Shanghai dragon how to analyze the difficulty of keyword optimization

(4): the first five pages of the top-level domain name in addition to love their own products in Shanghai, almost all top-level domain, and the first ten pages page number is scanty.

is easy to determine a keyword optimization, many indicators need to see. For example, as everyone knows love Shanghai index, included quantity, search volume, bidding, top-level domain volume, in fact, keyword optimization, not only related to various types of data words, also associated with the domain name and website content, here I divided into three points, I will from the three point brief analysis:

1. heat (love Shanghai index, the amount collected, search volume, home page top level domain quantity and bidding etc.)

3. domain (domain correlation, history, outside the chain, Google PR and love Shanghai weight)

(2): Shanghai love index and search volume is stable at about 200-300

Keywords The status of

(1): the amount collected to find relevant results about 2280000

only from the top-level domain an index directly to this keyword is killed, if you have the patience and will in turn down, everywhere is the top-level domain, thus optimizing the number of keywords are the key words, intense competition can not use simple words to describe. Of course, it is not to say that this keyword can no longer do, otherwise there are so many people to do. But if you really want to do, need high technology and ability. For the general Guan >


a list of Shanghai dragon can not take, OK, key depends on the degree of difficulty of Shanghai Longfeng keyword. The difficulty of how to distinguish a keyword whether optimization is difficult easy. And the road to listen to me slowly. A5 also had some analysis about this, but I still couldn’t help out nonsense words, to share their views, and…… See the end of the article, you know, don’t explain.

(3): 2

bidding bidding

is now very popular online Shanghai Longfeng orders, and orders of the individual, team more and more, resulting in Shanghai Longfeng industry appears more uneven, but many real master turned all kinds of fake monk out bluff liar is also very much. But here we do not discuss these problems, lest cause discontent and anger. Our purpose is to briefly analyze the problems of Shanghai Longfeng orders.

for heat, we give an example, we love Shanghai search keywords: Shenzhen Shanghai dragon. See the following data:

first three from this analysis, the amount included in 200W, about 200 of the index, the 2 bidding, we think the key words should not be too difficult, at most, said the amount collected is slightly high, medium difficult point. Then we look at an index:

2. website (included quantity, flow, website structure, website content and user experience)