When the K station has become the mainstream of the owners to decide on what path to follow

a lot of friends through this opportunity to adjust their own website, love Shanghai announcement that everything is for the user experience with a large number of the doings, before the site was K, so there are a lot of owners through this is K time to update your own website, including website template for adjustment. Optimization of the background process, art set, and all kinds of weight function when the K station is open, when a normal, we should grasp this opportunity to make a little self-examination, actually a website more or less have this or that kind of problem, including the entire station 404 links page, repeat page well, repeat keywords, spam, information and so on, a self-examination on the website of the website will make this happen a turn the world upside down changes, changes and adjustments will affect The layout and feel of this website.

time in the past, the end of June the K station, crazy adjustment in July, have the webmaster sighed own website is K every day, sighed to sweat cast to the wind has become a K station, the webmaster of the mainstream, this article will decide on what path to follow, the K station under the webmaster face attitude after the adjustment, I hope to have some help, and give their after the site is K, keep a stick for your heart.

going out, it is a positive and commendatory terms, I hope every one was K after every day, every hour in the investigation included change of friends, have a calm heart, to fall in love with the sea cast their complaints website, welcome to love Shanghai next update; when the site was K to tell the truth, the heart is really very painful, looked at from the other search traffic on the day, sorrowed, love Shanghai when there is traffic, I like you are standing on the same starting line, we can do is to update every day, every day of the chain that is K, the biggest impact is lost Links, when the site was K, Links dropped 80%, this is a very influential, for the overall site worry, we must insist on but we must keep Glad to meet you, only let your every little bit of sweat into a river, it will make your website success down, one day, you don’t need Links, you can have a huge user base, allowing everyone to promote your website, please adhere to, adhere to.

no venga (insist again)

no venga is a kind of attitude, it is not despair of love Shanghai and don’t make a difference, but to do something every day, I believe that one day Shanghai will return to our website and rankings, believe that one day, we will stand on the first page on the true love of Shanghai SERP the grey wolf, to borrow a word "we will be back……".

is a kind of strategy.

second: adjustment is a kind of strategy (to use this opportunity to adjust the site and self-examination)

The first point: