Website promotion we also need to analyze and summarize

3) you analyze your match? Many people complain about the optimization, now looking for the promotion of the site generally have a strong correlation and high included site to find, you actually not difficult to imagine, the simplest method is to analysis the chain rivals. You use a domain command can analyze the chain where competitors do, or find the top-ranking website, look at the chain where they do, I always believe that success can be replicated ", may we have the genius of Einstein, but we have a >

1) your analysis of the target site of the weight and activity of the? Place to send the chain are generally some forum, so you didn’t consider the weight of the forum, the forum activity you consider not. If a forum of the weight is not high, so you post more, it also included many? If a forum activity every few posts or not, then this forum you think outside the chain of good effect of

I’ve led a team optimization team, then there are a few people in charge of the hair of the chain, although several people in the hair, but the company site outside the chain growth rate is not ideal fast. Why is there such a thing? Asked about their practice, his approach is this: first find the chain can send the forum, then each register, and then the hair every day. This process seems to be right, but he lacks a key step that is analyzed and summarized. No, not even to summarize analysis progress? No progress what success? In order to make more efficient work colleagues, I summed up the 5 questions, I asked them to always ask yourself when you send the foreign


2) you use the "love Shanghai advanced search" today? I feel "love Shanghai advanced search" for the Shanghai dragon is very important, especially the sex optimization of Shanghai people. He can let you check the number of the chain effect chain included yesterday and what good website. If you learn to use the love of Shanghai "advanced search" tool, then you can put the study period for a week or two into a table, then put the chain each site included a comparison, then what website can do outside the chain, which is easy to do website chain is not clear.


is now more and more people entered the website optimization promotion industry (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai dragon, may not be very accurate, please forgive me), many people think that Shanghai dragon is very simple, is purely the hair of the chain and increase the content of the website. These people have this idea is reasonable, because now the whole industry in the Shanghai dragon ring chain said how important, how important the original content. Of course, in website promotion, I’m sure that the importance of the chain and the original article, because the content and the chain of successful web site more than a two. But today, I want to discuss is a process, because we’re not posting machine, nor the production called "original articles" as "rubbish" spammers.