How to stand outside the Shanghai dragon quickly improve website ranking optimization

we all know that a construction site to get a good keywords ranking not outside the chain, the chain is also the key of Shanghai Longfeng station optimization. We do for Shanghai dragon, do most of the time it is that the increase in the chain, the chain construction methods commonly used are: Forum, blog, quiz promotion, soft news, message, favorites and some other methods, these methods are:

c: look at the other station Links quality.

we do Links is the key link to long-term stability. Often replace Links root of the site’s ranking has no effect, wasted effort. Love will also reduce the Shanghai spiders to trust you. So be sure to see if the other site server stability, are often not open, or the emergence of a large number of dead links.

Links of course is to find and their site content industry’s most effective. Find your own website and the Links Never mind is not what effect. The Links will be in good quality links. Links is a spider web. If there is no good links to the other Links also indirectly involved in your website.

wrote a story about the station of Shanghai Longfeng should do this today continue to talk about the optimization work outside the station should do to rapidly improve the site’s ranking. Outside the station of Shanghai Longfeng work is from the website optimization. It is said to stand outside the optimization is not subject to the control of the site. Is to promote site through external means, to bring traffic revenue. I believe that the station outside the most important part of Shanghai dragon is the link. This includes Links links and external links (chain).

how to judge whether a station right exchange

Links like a spider web, attract search engine spider crawling, ranking and site weight to improve the core keywords, a method of sharing Links is the weights of the website, if you have several high quality PR Links, then the weight of your site will rise faster. If your site has a bad effect Links, of course, your site will be right down, even serious can also be connected with the K station. You must exchange Links analysis when the other side of the site, in order to avoid unnecessary.

a: see the update speed of the website of the other side of love and love Shanghai snapshot included the amount of Shanghai is normal.

love Shanghai is a snapshot of the site frequently reflect the degree of height and weight of spider crawling love Shanghai, love Shanghai best is of course the next snapshot, the closer the better, if that day is just the. The amount collected in Shanghai is certainly more love. Of course, this is relative to the total pages of a web site.

The stability of.

A: Links

B: chain.

Last week, ?

b: link