How to find the website through the improvement and find ways to enhance the inquiry

in fact, no matter what you do free promotion enquiries you also need to consider problems, or have no flow estimate your boss inquiry or your boss won’t let you go. They will think that the work you do is useless, but sometimes it is not the same as the focus. Pay promotion is born to solve this problem, so it needs to spend most of the energy to consider if the promotion inquiry. If the Shanghai dragon is a technology, then ascension inquiry is an art, can play the art of people is really not much, how many people do for promotion to troubled and not the solution.

we must first take out a customer concern, it is often said that the pain, you can solve the problem, then the user will find you. The inquiry will come naturally. This is a mind map, we have what demand from the user’s inquiry to find out the influence factors, and then according to the importance of the web page, then we have to do is to make the finishing point, find a temptation or arouse the curiosity of customers. I love the most temptation on customers are most concerned about the position, also is the website communication tool box consulting.

factors generally have these inquiries may, according to different industries and some things will have a little difference, for example, may be some dark to see who is the more general rebate, is that your price is not cheaper than others, your quality is not good than others, your product is not better than others, your customer service is not better than others, your service is not better than the others.

do network marketing some friends because of the work itself, has been to solve the traffic problems, such as the mainstream free promotion Shanghai dragon, such as B2B platform promotion. There are some auxiliary promotion such as QQ group marketing, blog, Post Bar, quiz, video, information classification and some other free promotion. The general problem of free promotion all gathered in traffic to get this link. Pay promotion is not in the presence of this problem, it is the problem to the next link: that is an inquiry.


I always think in the teacher Shanghai dragon gave me a lot of inspiration in this regard, he made a formula: = flow * * click ranking included, then one of my friends has added a condition is the keyword thesaurus, how much is the keyword. Well, how do we use this mode the user us? Then I summarized in the picture below

is clearly a lot of traffic in, there is no one to ask us, which makes many people feel helpless. This question has been bothering me for a long time, so I want to go to work every day most of the problem is how to get more traffic to flow into the inquiry. Later I was in the process of thinking and practice and explore some experience, the first is the solution to the problem, to find ways to put to break down or refine out.