Keywords mining depth analysis

drop-down selection, the emergence of these four words.

is usually selected after target keywords, we generally drop into the recombinant keywords Cooperation Website Title keywords to appear. I will explain this with you in the back, to drop keywords, usually in Shanghai love search keywords, search engine keyword drop-down form out, we can drop as the choice of keywords. The more forward, more attractive, is our choice of keywords to drop.


, for the choice of

for network marketing target keywords, drop keywords for network marketing project, network marketing company.

in Dongguan Shanghai dragon target keywords, keywords that do not drop down, decided.


‘s Shanghai dragon Er think Shanghai Longfeng keywords we selected is the target keywords, but we have no in-depth study, for the keywords of current Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love index reached 6087, the amount of search engine reach: 54 million 600 thousand. For the average enterprise and Shanghai dragon Er, considering the short-term and long-term interests of the enterprise itself, is not the ideal choice for Shanghai dragon words as target words. (reason: long time, manpower, for the enterprise, in order to benefit, so relatively popular is not good.

for the selection of the keyword drop-down Keywords

next, we as a regional key division for Shanghai dragon. For example, Dongguan Shanghai dragon, Shenzhen Shanghai dragon, Guangdong Shanghai dragon. Make the index for each keyword analysis, search engine volume data. Usually, we will generally choose corporate regional Shanghai dragon. For example, enterprises in Dongguan, will generally choose Dongguan Shanghai dragon. But in general, the 2-3 choice of target keywords. For the choice of keywords and user search habits, and ultimately selected for Dongguan, Shanghai dragon, website promotion, network marketing for three target keywords.


target keywordsMost of

, a important factor to the site traffic, but also expand the site of exposure is a decisive factor. The only goal is also a lot of work in the Shanghai dragon er. However, for a new industry of Shanghai dragon Er, re positioning the target keywords, there may be a little confused. This period, Shanghai dragon blog theme, mining will all obstacles in the choice of clearing the way.


website promotion target keywords, keyword drop-down web promotion program, website promotion plan.

three, for the selection of long tail keywords >

According to

, key words are divided into three categories, 1, 2, drop target keywords; keywords; 3; 4, relevant keywords. I made an analogy, I take Shanghai dragon industry as a typical example.