How to put the home goods position is correct

fifth, product characteristics, such as some of the characteristics of products may not search, others do not know, you can use this time to promote the flow of the home page, the average user for what he doesn’t know is very interested in, such as the industry insider that the user is particularly interested in the principle is the same.

basically is so six points to explain is the product of the first figure must be good, attractive, allowing users to click. There are a little more important is that we must use this strategy, these products on the front page is associated with the best, can one by one, this.

third, the most advantages of your product, do you think the best selling products, or the price, service, customer service and so on, do you think the best selling goods.

first, should be placed on new products, users of the new things always sense than the old things, they will be interested in further understanding. For example, iphong6 is always better than iphone5s, a new generation of products than the old generation products, which is based on the intuitive judgment.

fourth discount packages, the price has been a bright spot to attract the most users, such products must be put on the home page.

I said here does not only refer to one website, including B2B platform, network marketing for small and medium-sized enterprises with the largest is nothing more than a search engine and B2B platform, especially B2B platform should pay more attention to this, because the B2B platform is basically home goods. But if you are doing the optimization of the product or brand, the company is not strong enough, so something will happen, the flow will be landing page page, this page flow may be small, but this site is just the opposite, so whether it is an independent website or B2B platform, how to make good use of the flow is very important.

website is generally the largest flow entrance (especially for Shanghai is concerned, if you are a dragon) to do the bidding of words may be exceptions, but now that general flow of home is very big. So how to make good use of the flow of the home page is that every network marketing personnel should consider the issue, in fact the problem ought to be considered, I didn’t notice before, until recently I had a particular thing attracted my attention (it was not here, I began to think about this) the problem, below I on the web page of commodity how should put to talk about their own views.

sixth quarter selling products, this does not need to explain, all for the sales.

second, the largest demand products, it should proceed according to user needs, we are unable to meet the needs of all people, can only meet the needs of most users, so you can be placed on the site to meet the maximum demand for goods, here say one more thing, there are times when we need to go with the user, we led the user to go find they want to find something need some time.