Not only is accelerated love Shanghai search MP to enhance the site advertising revenue record

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users, the promotion of income is the hard truth"

ad clicks a clothing hanging site change Mip standard, advertising revenue was double the growth of

MIP brings just the speed of the upgrade process through the MIP? After a period of time, site and what new harvest? We can through the following data set discerned by

this series of figures show that Mip transformation brings not only the web page open speed upgrade, enhance the user search page open speed to bring the most intuitive effect is to reduce the rate of jump out of the user, as well as a series of follow-up to enhance the user viscosity, which is brought about by the network advertisement click rate increase, finally bring the site’s income is advertising revenue increase.

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health sites change Mip after discharge is before the rapid growth of nearly 1 months, PV rose by 61%, the growth rate in advertising is to reach more than 80%.

love Shanghai launched MIP project has been more than 1 years, the site of MIP transformation in droves, MIP currently has 900 million pages covering the whole Internet, then so many sites after the transformation in March 23, 2017 earnings? Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Guangzhou VIP forum & Sharon, head of the Mip project through a series of Mip transformation the site gives the answer data.

"user experience first" this word no matter in any industry, are classic. Although the end of the current PC web page open speed are ideal, but the mobile terminal by the network signal, where operators impact site open speed is not very stable.



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statistics, an educational recruitment network in change the page specification according to the standard of Mip, traffic growth of 73% advertising rates than their non Mip page is about 20% higher, higher Ecpm, advertising conversion effect greatly improved compared to the previous, and advertising revenue also increased obviously.

bring to enhance the user experience

Mip on the web site of the open speed data is worthy of recognition, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform salon at the end of 2016, Sina asked the technical director Li Qian shared experience: after the transformation of the website loading speed increased by 2 times, from an average of 2 seconds to less than 500 milliseconds, the arrival rate is greatly improved, with the flow increased by nearly 20%.