Share the experience of four station optimization can be obtained from the Shanghai Encyclopedia of

related export link

two: rational allocation of internal links

love Shanghai encyclopedia in this also gave me the optimization personnel an important tip, that’s when we construct the link should be looking for the strong correlation between the chain, including export link. When we do the construction of the chain in the Shanghai Encyclopedia of sex on the platform, generally difficult to leave your links, especially the basic content not related to leave. The same.

: a page title, keywords and description


can we find love another significant feature of Shanghai encyclopedia is a perfect connection between internal structure, almost all of the relevant entry in the Wikipedia entry in a mutual link through the anchor text inside. We also take "Shanghai dragon" this entry as an example, we can find in an entry in at least thirty or forty internal anchor text links. Some of this station and the anchor text is to improve the user friendly experience and increase the key skills of search engine spiders crawling depth, and if the construction of the chain in this way can reasonable also enables readers to stay longer in our site, readers will have a more in-depth access.


first, we also take "webmaster" the popular keyword as an example, we see the "Shanghai dragon" love Shanghai Wikipedia entry page source code, as shown above, we can see that with the traditional site of expression in different ways. We can see the title as "Shanghai dragon _ love Shanghai". The title of this way we can see the love of Shanghai for "_" favor. At the same time, we also can find the general website we think necessary description and keywords have been ignored in the encyclopedia is not written. We can calculate this search engine on its trend is to reduce the weight of the two labels.

as the optimization personnel, I believe many people familiar with it. It has a high weight, whether in love Shanghai’s own search results or in Google, Bing has a good ranking. Of which we are not difficult to find love for love in Shanghai ranked Shanghai Encyclopedia Pianchong". As shown below, the word we use competition big "Shanghai dragon" as an example, ranked first in SERP is the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love. I then see Google in second place to find it. This love Shanghai encyclopedia in the search engine’s superior performance. People need to have the ability of optimization analysis, then analyzed whether you love Shanghai encyclopedia why so high weight? I think that love can have such a high weight Shanghai encyclopedia, have a great relationship and a perfect internal optimization, so the author will from the school to the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love and share knowledge of internal optimization.