The content of the website should highlight the love of Shanghai green

February 19, 2013, love Shanghai for the purchase of links, super chain intermediary, sell link chain cheating, anti cheating web search team Scindapsus on-line algorithm, today, Shanghai dragon how to break the siege, to the shuttle in the search engine optimization world, morito network (Suzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai dragon network optimization expert) will feel the content of the website is to do better at this stage is particularly important.

Sheng Yuan (Suzhou Shanghai, Suzhou dragon network network optimization expert www.sysem贵族宝贝.cn) summed up the method of "three four" to implement the "content is king", the three method is to obtain the original content, are pseudo original method, two processing method and writing method; if four refers to the contents writing to follow, the only reliable and authoritative and complete principle.

how to implement the "content" of

But with the

1, Internet original content has become less and less, information overload, basically the original content it will be copied, so that the original content will turn to in the Internet users and the search engine will in the course of time, the interest is to become worthless, so now the non original the content is difficult to include in love Shanghai, Google and other search engines, even included the cause sooner or later will be deleted.

3, on the original content writing is difficult, so the focus of most of Shanghai Longfeng staff will be working on the keyword analysis, website structure and internal link optimization, external links construction work, original content is relatively difficult, so Shanghai Longfeng staff took seventy percent of the time in the hair of the chain.

algorithm "love Shanghai three or four times a year of adjustment, small adjustments every day" and the recent Scindapsus aureus algorithm on-line, the chain is more and more difficult to do, but the value has been reduced, thus the importance contents have emerged, which is why the original content can be optimized in all factors "" the reason the king.

4, for the enterprise, the original content on its website is very important, especially the equivalent of two times the promotion of its own brand.


"content" is really important?

1, the most widely used is the pseudo original. Since the original content of the site is so important, for many website optimization personnel of Shanghai Longfeng nature not to miss, because the original content is difficult, so the website of Shanghai Longfeng researchers invented a method of "pseudo original": the beginning and the end part of the modification, disrupted the middle section of order of individual words to replace thus, "

2, love Shanghai, Google and other search engines to search by providing accurate and readable content of survival, if a website to get good rankings, but most of the content to make the user feel unable to read, boring content, so in the course of time, love Shanghai, Google and other search engines will naturally give up this website.