The 10 day Shanghai process weight 0 2

2, and all are set up after I submit my lucky number 7 station it submitted No. 8 directly included home.

1, just take them out is I direct you want a site in haven’t looked at the information directly influence you do is pop up for yourself or the user see. So the user experience is very important. And the structure of title, the web site of the keywords and description are set up in the end is responsible for re submit the influence your work efficiency.

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3, Links is relatively easy to find the first you are not what I believe is a new station in the new station will help you see? No! It is also know a few Webmaster Help me stand here a few chain small thank you.

not cheat you!

TQ pop-up and an automatic invitation is the most annoying

you know love Shanghai weight and height of one point is more important is that the traffic flow from the user depends on your website experience so here mention a very old topic that is the user experience we then look at the picture:

didn’t teach you what is my process to share the hope to help more Adsense

5, the content of the web site is like a man in the belly of the ink (do not know less reasonable) content of the railway station is more important at the beginning of my day is 3>



4, the chain: the chain effect is now not big before but for new sites to attract a wide chain of hair spider! I was so in the machinery industry B2B platform exposure some of the platform is good; the classification of information chain is generally maintained for a long time; blog; Shanghai love Q & A; the high weight of the forum were exposed. Finally, the effort is not in vain to send articles to the morning afternoon received.

is the weight of 2. The

you good afternoon to you today to talk about my station (A5 will not take strict site pictured below) is the machinery industry. Accept this website for two weeks or so love weight from 0-2 in Shanghai. (personally prefer GG PR because it is the official examination conditions of equality) though we all know that love is not the official launch of the Shanghai weight is some other tools according to the evaluation of the comprehensive information gives you the website but also have certain reference significance. Are you a * * information website can give you top high weight? I love Shanghai weight although not official but for us also have some help in the optimization of the process. At least in the large test site that your site is a certain weight. The next 10 days I put my love from the sea station weight 0-2 process for everyone to talk about


see below is just standing with love check: