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7, the website should have a site map, the site map is not to look at the user but look to the search engines so as to facilitate the search engine more easily find your site related articles position map changes in the roots file in the root directory of the site, under the specific how to write you to fall in love with the sea search here I will not talk.

site keywords layout in each position reasonable layout, keyword density within eight percent, preferably not more than this number more than words could be love Shanghai keywords that are the accumulation of influence website ranking and K may be.

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site title not more than 30 words as well, title is the title of the website is the website keywords to optimize the title should be simple, concise and easy to understand.

3, the description of the website to read and write fluent, to attract users, simple and clear the best start and end keywords into some natural.


8, the chain should be careful to repeat a new day to do no more than about 5 as well, when the site long in about 3 months may be appropriate to increase the number of the chain can be increased to 10 a day, there is a good outside chain can top off 10 garbage outside the chain, what is good outside chain? It depends on your web site and the correlation between love Shanghai high and low weight, strong correlation, love Shanghai high weight on the 2 have a website posting can be regarded as a good outside chain.

, the 2 most important keywords should be placed on the front page of the site, you can view the Shanghai index to determine the word love hard optimization difficult to optimize the word on the front, is not difficult to put in the back, the core of the web site keywords preferably not more than 3.

, 4 pictures on the site to optimize the ALT keyword write on the label, as search engines are not read the picture only add AIT tag search engine to identify.


6, the content of the website is the best original article, should be the most love Shanghai love the original article, is conducive to the collection of Oh, if you can not write the original call to give you some tips, you can find related words, and then take out the contrast, 3 articles the essence of the piece from a synthetic essence so that it is equal to 3 articles together so that the user will read think we write articles very professional.