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only complete the task in half, the other half is the title. A good title not only attract attention, more important is the long tail word reasonable included, so that when users search through these pages will be aware of our website and brand, this is the maximum value of the original. When we go to write a lot of false or reproduced the original content, not to obtain the customer flow using the long tail word, it is a loss to our website. If a webmaster is just not there to make some search engines on the content to update the website, then the content >

if released on your website articles indexed by the search engines, and search your site has only such content, then this article will be considered to belong to you all, but generally not only released on its website, for example, you contribute some high weight website, or by some the thief acquisition program, reprint, and reprint articles were also included, and the user to read the number, number, number of comments are reproduced are superior to their own website, then the search engine is likely to take the original rights to high weight website. The search engine is now not only according to the release time to determine whether the original, because the server time can be adjusted, even in the love of Shanghai snapshot is displayed on the server time, but this is not the only dominant factor. Many of my articles have proved that this truth.

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didn’t have the quality of content in a timely manner is the original value is small, because when you SE your content, or to see the "overall quality of web ranking, but there are many factors involved in" quality, the user clicks, reading and comments is a great, or is reproduced, the number of the number of times cited and even PV, the user behavior of web pages directly affect the degree of quality. So no quality will not get the favor of users, it will also affect the search engine judgment. Of course, SE judgment is not based on your one or two articles, but from your website on the whole given auxiliary judgment, such as PV, page retention time, bounce rate, has a lot of these factors are quality and content of each point are closely related. When updating the content search Baishuang Valley, is always put quality in the first place.

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many webmaster love the original, because the original content can increase the weight of the website, so every update of the struggle to produce their own original content, sometimes even can not write, but also to the east or west spell up a bit, to meet the search engines crawl, but the contents of this value is how many, whether it can really enhance the site’s weight? The answer is no.. In addition, the value of the original itself has many, in fact also is relative topic, must also see the following four aspects.