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so I came to Shenzhen, looking for a dozens of people’s foreign trade companies, apply for a merchandiser, wages 1200 plus bonus, then thought: wages are low, but at least learn something. I have been working hard for 2 months, and I haven’t got much achievement, but I have learned a lot about the practical knowledge of foreign trade, and I have trained my poor english. Here, I think I can do the foreign trade salesman, so I choose to resign company only give me 1 and a half months salary. After the resignation of more than 10 people to find building materials, foreign trade companies apply for business, so that became a formal foreign trade salesman, and then I was very excited, very looking forward to.

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start at the beginning, really everything ready?

on the Internet is changing the way business information, more can not be a fresh all day, such as a few years ago, you may only do Taobao mail listserv, guest like, every day can have a few K income, or go for years, a local forum.

as the same as the financial industry can create unlimited wealth of the IT industry in a short period of time, the Internet for people with entrepreneurial dreams naturally also have an irresistible temptation, entrepreneurship, with its low threshold, less capital investment, the higher the rate of return, and a lot of young entrepreneurial choice, and the world economy SEO entrepreneurial team a small team, this is the Internet business force inside the bad review, and the world economy SEO entrepreneurial team has gone through nearly two years of time, the team is not much, only a few people, but in a venture from scratch, which is salty sour, sweet, bitter, hot five mixed shallow writing points experience, hope to think on the Internet for business or business friends to have a little bit of help.


started doing business, I also search and most people like Google, Baidu and other search engines, search the related company email, a day in addition to sleep and eat to stay in front of the computer, I firmly believe that hard work pays off! This day over more than 2 months, not what harvest, hair out of the mail is not no echo is a simple thank you response.

Internet business threshold is relatively low, less investment, but also must be in before the start not to his team or at least profitable ideas within a year to think clearly, and clearly investigated its feasibility and profitability can bring.

this is a difficult question to answer, because of the instability of SEO, if you have ranked then a month may bring you the original income for a year, but once the ranking disappeared, then you may face several months or even years have no income. So, if you are also learning SEO, and now the ranking is pretty good, the income is ideal, it does not mean you can quit your job.

I’m thinking whether my email is not attractive enough? I finally began to understand is that I found the data being searched N thousand times, it also means that the customer has received at least hundreds of email like this. At this time, the boss began to be very dissatisfied with me, said: "almost 3 months, a little thing did not see, 3 months of probation is coming!" I was in a hurry, but also useless, and finally only leave. I begin to wonder whether I have the ability to do foreign trade.

must be considered a good ranking once can not go up, or go up, when there is k, or is right down the situation and how to deal with?! Long Yu know a lot of friends of SEO, there are several stations in hand, the ranking is up, monthly profits are at least a few tens of thousands of K or so, a hot head, left the job, when many people were just contact SEO asked, this can bring me much of the monthly income of

starts, don’t die in a tree,

I was born in a poor mountain area of Guangdong. The goal of childhood is to get out of these mountains. After many years of effort, admitted to the provincial capital of a science and Engineering University, the year before last June graduated from school. Into Dongguan, a large enterprise, as an engineer, lived 8 nights, 5 stability days, fixed monthly with 3000 pieces of wages plus 500 of the subsidy. So, after 5 months, I think life is a little boring, often ask myself, is this life every day? Maybe poor children are a bit restless,


once embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, but also do not easily give up, when a road impassability, to find another way of change, as the world economy and the SEO entrepreneurial team, started by SEO, when the SEO bottleneck, when to eat only cabbage situation, choice the other is to open up the road.

and the world economy SEO entrepreneurial team is a small team started by SEO, and SEO is a relatively slow effect, and after ranking, and can not ensure a very stable way.

because of my computer technology can also have problems, the company computer is my fix, such as the office of some of the staff mix, usually also love to play with them, which is a good foreign trade salesman. One day he asked me to go to a nice hotel in Dongguan for dinner. I asked him why. He said that he had taken more than 50 thousand of the Commission this month. Wow, so much, I was shocked. He did business for about 3 years. Usually I know that their foreign trade salesman’s salary is relatively high, I can not think of taking so much, this time touched me very much. I began to have an idea of the direction of foreign trade development, so I have time to look for foreign trade information on the Internet, chat with foreign trade friends and learn English – that’s what I am most afraid of. After six months, I felt I could do it. I was surprised when my boss asked me if my salary was not high enough. I said no, I wanted to do other jobs.