Four stages of detailed site optimization steps

One of the most important point The The third stage:

website online.

first stage: the site is not on the front line.

website has included Shanghai normal love, mostly is a snapshot of the next day or three days at a time. For this time the site can be made of a long tail keywords gradually popular, but still can not relax. Yi, the second stage of the road continues to walk. The mentality is very important at this stage, there are many owners in this period of time, perhaps tired of watching from a website, always feel that others website design is very good, may find more.

The second stage:

site type is determined, each section of the site is set, the most difficult thing to do is to set the appropriate screening for keywords, keyword selection, is naturally choose a hot but not very powerful competitors as well, unpopular key words while doing fast but, for the future development is very negative, wait until after the mature and complete website highlights the shortcomings of it, so the main keywords to new hot, then around the main keywords are derived from the long tail keywords, and the long tail keywords reasonable arrangement to the body part of the website. Furthermore, it is the website source code optimization, can use the local space or server debugging optimization, such as "to minimize the use of the FLASH file, remove redundant code in CSS style, HTML code to minimize the use of the iframe framework and remove unnecessary spaces (" spaces here; " & nsbp is not).

optimization problem is in the growth stage website

at this stage is original content, even false original or not can be collected as a strength. Then there is a chain, attention to the friends of the chain, my opinion is "patient". Would rather not, also do not find some updated snapshot lag link. This time is a new station on the main site ranks in the ranks of the popular keywords, want to do the top that is not possible, so this time is to prepare for the long tail keywords to optimize for the new station, long tail keywords bring the search engine traffic is still very impressive. The long tail keyword optimization is to start from the site of the original article and send the chain. Outside the chain of high quality original articles can not only optimize the keywords, can also help the site as soon as possible out of the sandbox, out of the ranks of the new.

site on the right track.

a website from the new to experience is a long way, as someone said: the site such as fishing, heart sinking, to steady, not frivolous, not impatient. That is to have a strong willpower, good attitude. This statement will let you in the construction site gradually realize the importance of it. However, in this website is still very important, the correct way of optimization of each stage, when I go to the forum, but also deeply optimization steps during the basic knowledge and understanding of many novice webmaster website operation required for the construction of a website is very confused. The following.