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Remember when just entering the Internet

website has when the pain, the most anxious is the webmaster, who feel this time are unreliable, only to do your research. At this time there is no other way, only the first to view the network. Don’t know, a look surprised, found that almost 404 of the error back to god.



see here, almost frightened, where run out error pages, since there are tens of thousands of. When read that are almost the same IP crawl, exactly is where sacred, can concentrate so badly. Slowly found when looking to find some Baidu words, see the love of Shanghai will be easier, look at this IP is not love Shanghai after the discovery of the crawler like love Haiyun observation crawler.


into the theme, recently at the end of September and October many webmaster experience comparable to a roller coaster to break out, in September 23rd, Shanghai to love wave big update, many new sites are finally from the most included. While that can be happy to welcome the national day, a big wave of love Shanghai site was punished. Shanghai love action is more and more guessing.


is a wave of love Shanghai punished website is quietly struck


then back to think about before the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform used site examination, after the discovery of experience is too low, the observation set to love Haiyun website protection, is estimated for this reason. The return of these errors 40>

Chinese, CCTV has a column is called the Internet survival contest, is a sort of people locked up, only the Internet, through which to see who can get anything you want to survive. At the time that it was not easy, these people must be the master. At that time it is the future of the people of normal life, homes can use the Internet to survive. Now, in fact, more interesting is the people away from the Internet, whether they can survive.

love Shanghai big update crawling traces of


love Shanghai grab the total residence time of

Web log as a webmaster daily see, if it is a simple web spider, the kit can be seen with love station site is welcome by the spider, but if you want to conduct a detailed analysis of the log, or just to view the log file. Recently, with love station summary analysis tool to view the spider, spider found love Shanghai total residence time is almost 0, while the love of spiders in Shanghai access times and total amount of capture is normal, then we study together under this problem: