Beware of the site from the details of the start check erroneous ideas at the outset is right down

three, web server to

often see some owners complain that their website managed to fry up before long it was down the right, often see these complaints the youyou used car network Xiaobian will reply that the words "don’t make excuses for failure, but to find a way for the success of the site is down right is not terrible, terrible is don’t look for reason, instead of complaining about the search engine than to find the reasons from their own. In fact, the site is down right but that a few small details, pay attention to the details of the following eleven can check erroneous ideas at the outset,:

web server selection should be chosen not only fast speed but stable, if the site where the server is not stable always "out", when the engine spiders visiting have cold-shoulder treatment to go into, empathy is just like you want to eat but to five or six times the door closed to a restaurant, you seventh how many times the desire to go? The server is not stable, often unable to access the website engine spiders also will be regarded as unfriendly to it, it’s temper is not so good, it will give you back down the right.

four, Links 3

two, do not often modify title

website each revised once means the whole web page frame, such a code change. This case for search engines is almost a new website, it must take the time to get to know, since it is to re recognize the natural favorability will decline, before the weight will be temporarily recovered until a period of time after the examination be again. So you suggest new Adsense website in the heart before be about the direction, determined in the case of no need revision determined not to change.

, a website to frequent revision

communication with the other Links website is part of website optimization indispensable. Find some weight high site chain can be largely promote your website ranking forward, but Links is a long-term work, you must do every day to check those sites chain have been down the right has not been the case of K, if the check to the other website search engine right down or home is K the whole website is depilated not included, so you have to take each other for the first time a chain. It will be the search engine.

many owners do not have on the industry index to investigate the keyword search in the site before, in the establishment of the time also casually put up the headline. After setting some other website about some key words higher in the search engine search index, search volume is larger, so put your keywords in the title are replaced, this is equivalent to the search engine to make only superficial changes, different people, people can identify plastic surgery before and after Ji Minjia, but it must start from different search engines get to know your station, it will not fall right is difficult ah. So in the site before they have to determine a good title, even if completed to modify to one-time change, don’t often go to modify.