As the essential quality of personnel of Shanghai Dragon

has 2 advantages:

2. can reduce the speed of the page load will make your page as fast as the wind, even if the visitor speed, is not a problem with a lower computer. Instead of a web page loading too much JS and pictures, if the visitors. It is believed that he will make you very reluctant to.


for a long time not in the webmaster on sites like any published articles, particularly on the Shanghai Phoenix (search engine optimization) like the article. In doing a lot of the web site of the Shanghai dragon after optimization, I found and summed up a set of truth: actually the Shanghai dragon is very simple, as long as the step you will be successful. It is two words: "action", the seemingly simple two words. Even two words do what all know, however it is very difficult for the fear of failure, give up halfway, this is the cause of the ultimate failure.

1., this should be concise clear visitors first feeling, if the content can be readable, high confidence to believe that they will introduce your friends often visit your site.

two, be able to endure patiently (after you seriously think, observe and add Shanghai Longfeng keywords, website description. Not because of the major search engines in a week or even a month without visiting your website and easily change the keywords and description) especially for a new station and K station, you have to do is wait. Of course, this process you are constantly updating your website, try to express some practical and original articles to make your site more value. So the search engine spider man will come.

three, to withstand the temptation (don’t see someone successful website hanging a lot of the AD you’re tempted in you also not popular in the case of the site with a JS ad code, and too many graphics code. In such a popular website is not a fatal mistake, instead we should learn from the global Internet tycoon Google noble baby learning, as simple and practical page.

then this is a total that is the reason why your own reason, not for their confidence, don’t believe in yourself. It is the successful people often talk about how successful win secret: confidence.

is a Shanghai Longfeng personnel we should pay attention to the following three points I mentioned, do these three points with your belief so what will succeed. Good luck will follow you for a lifetime. Because of your efforts and success, then you will often say this is luck, in fact, this is your own efforts to succeed the sweet fruit. As a staff of three points: Shanghai dragon DE

, we must stand in the early stage of failure (editorial staff, I am station and Shanghai Phoenix Network to know one thing we need to do is write soft hair of the chain, if you are a novice may not be K off, so we have to stand is deleted, then summary write, until by