The purpose of the project where the original love Shanghai

in fact, we all know that, even if the site was down the right, or encountered other issues affect the keywords ranking, is the original solution we first thought, some way, but it does not necessarily very effective. So, what exactly is the so-called original standard, is not to refer to any data, use your left brain, students write a network to search for any signs of the article?, or collect all relevant information, change, processing, write your own book. I would like to say, the original is also divided into many kinds, can not find not you write something out of the network, while also the original, but does not meet the love of Shanghai taste, then the value will be relatively low.

so, after all, love Shanghai all purpose is to users, users feel that your article is of great value, love Shanghai will give you a good score, you do not feel the effect of the user, will be regarded as general love Shanghai. The love of Shanghai’s intention, our direction will be more clear, is conducive to the needs of users made articles, for example: [the] answer, medical station news, we should all know, how many medical station remaining, and the number of stations were hung up, made the title of counterfeit fraud the answer, though, chemists stand. What is the reason that users get real;

Lee for some original description of the project:




May 20th love Shanghai Webmaster Platform held in Beijing "2013 love Shanghai Webmaster Platform high-end Shanghai dragon club" activities, meeting Lee and a number of well-known sites, a senior Shanghai dragon before R discussed many problems, here is not to explain, to see the details of the "May 20th Shanghai love Webmaster Platform high-end club (Shanghai dragon Beijing area) to share", I want to say is one thing: love Shanghai [original project issues].

this tool can solve some practical problems, but the original content still rely on their own understanding of the ability to improve the tool is only an auxiliary, how can down this tool is a great help to the webmaster friends, but also their own original content to discover, in the short term there will be no effect.

this problem, I think the small website owners have encountered, in addition to what we can do is helpless, only to enhance the site’s weight, also in a while this a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment, when circumstances have occurred, but, as long as the good article love Shanghai will not sit idly by, will be included or included just for help, ranking is not great, but we can not give up this route, although all roads lead to Shanghai love, the original is a shortcut.

Here we have to discuss