The weights of the website are dispersed and how how to weight

The quantity and quality of the chain of


1, the domain name suffix

website weight usually refers to the comprehensive evaluation of a web site search engine. This is like for a friend or a colleague in the US, there are good and bad, high and low, if you need a friend to help you give your friend, comprehensive evaluation, will eventually allow you to judge somebody please help, the search engine is different from the people, not like people for one thing a person make rational analysis, search engine is needed more data, through the data of comparison, on the website or search results to make corresponding processing, this data is known as our website weight.

‘s search engine has the memory function, a lot of friends on the site for large, frequent changes, will lead to site is down right, K, this is a search engine based on memory function of search engine, give a good impression and high weight factor.

decides everything, goole repeatedly update its panda algorithm, but also fully formal content of the importance of quality in the era of information overload, valuable information has become a very important basis for the

the latest information released by the higher weight.

search engine ranking results

fast and smooth site to site right important high speed access than

with high quality

6, website search engine give the impression of

content qualityThe quality of the contents of the The weight of

government, education important than the right of domain name suffix贵族宝贝.Cn

3, the chain resources

love Shanghai to give a website also cannot do without these six points, maybe some friends will ask, how do you know? You know love Shanghai algorithm? I can only say that the ultimate goal was to love Shanghai for the majority of users of the service.


2, the speed of access

noble baby in the website weight method to do very well, which is the most typical noble baby PR value, we can provide the noble baby PR value query interface, you can clearly see a website of the PR value in the noble baby ranking of search results, the size of PR also determines the ranking (Note: has a factor PR baby just a royal order search results), of course, each search engine to give the weights of the website standard is not the same, but there are a few points is the same:

to share with you how to increase the weight of the site through the structure, layout, website keywords >.

chain in the chain, under the condition of the same quality, the weight of a large number of high point; also in the same number of the chain under the condition of high quality, the weight is a bit higher; of course we still support the chain of.

5, information release time