We all love Shanghai kidnapped Shanghai dragon ER in the way

love, Shanghai is now bigger, a lot of search engine optimization algorithm has been more reasonable and fair, but why do I want to say is love Shanghai kidnapped Shanghai dragon er? Actually I should say not love Shanghai kidnapped us, but we have kidnapped our own, see a lot of Internet business success their technology is not particularly good, but why are they so entrepreneurial success? The problem is worth thinking about our earnest.

remember when I just contacted the Shanghai dragon, at that time also reported a Shanghai dragon training institutions, then learned to do a website, it is simple to build, of course just learn the kind of excitement is really speechless, really excited.

?We all know that ? !

into this industry the time is not very long, but for you every day with Shanghai dragon is not put the owners as it is I think the Shanghai dragon just beg to differ, a method of promotion only, but it is not the only one, when I just contacted the Shanghai dragon in this industry, then small I added some young Shanghai dragon training vigorously exaggerated propaganda, I think is very naive, Shanghai dragon is the Internet only, then we feel that as long as we learned Shanghai dragon is the Internet industry only, we will succeed, then when you calm down and think about or contact the Internet after some time you will find that eventually there are so many ways to promote knowledge of many institutions expanded Shanghai Longfeng function only, and we report The various institutions of learning, drill into a dead end, and the mechanism of the so-called out of order earned a lot of money, then the face of the Internet, we should face the Shanghai dragon dragon er the way for Shanghai to decide on what path to follow, where is

grassroots webmaster, our energy in the end should be placed where

looked at several of Wang Tong’s books, many of his ideas I really agree, our most important in the operation of a project will continue to focus on project ideas and good execution, and not a waste in technology.

is now filled with a lot of Shanghai Longfeng institutions, of course I do not deny that there are a lot of great amount of Shanghai dragon training institutions, but for us we make the right choices, we must have a rational treatment, have their own ideas and consciousness, often don’t be brainwashed, you need to know is a lot of Shanghai dragon institutions to expand Shanghai Longfeng function, just let us go into a blind alley, we should be aware that this is just our Wangzhuan or a channel network business only, not down to study, of course I do not deny that there are a lot of people love to study technology by Shanghai Dragon found a very good in this work, another issue, we do not discuss this, but for those of us who want to on the Internet to a spoon for grass roots, we should be rational to treat

Shanghai dragon

love Shanghai kidnapped Shanghai Longfeng agencies look at fiercely as a tiger does, how should we choose