The sum of the six major reasons for creating content for your visitors

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this point we can see from several large Adsense nets. We can see several large webmaster online submission the people will leave a link in the back of my article. One can do a copyright for our statement of the article. To get a good high weight chain to our site. At the same time the stationmaster net will generally be widely reproduced, the chain can very good promotion site. This is undoubtedly a good webmaster network operating mode, on the one hand we can share their experiences through the experience, get outside the chain of good. The original content on the other hand as a webmaster web page can be obtained for the creation of visitors. Can be said to be a win-win situation.

search engine, the original content recognition has also been improved. The original content for the grass-roots webmaster is the biggest challenge for the grass-roots webmaster and they did not have enough resources to create more original content. In the pseudo original gradually decline today, how to create the site more original content has been one of the owners of the trouble. With the advent of Web3.0 era, allows visitors to generate content is an effective way of saving. So how to produce content for your site visitors, today I will briefly summarize the six visitors to create content for your reasons.


this point we can see from the online quiz. For example, Sina love, love Shanghai know soso questions. This platform is with the help of answering questions for users and allows users to create content. For our site for as long as the relevant professionals of our site, visitors will take the initiative to make your site consultation. The visitors in consultation and we will produce a lot of original content site. Is a kind of original content in the creation process at the same time answer way. We can see many forums with special questions such as mutual plate, Shanghai dragon why, this is a means of answering questions to allow users to create content model.

One reason:

for two reasons:

soft launch can be said to be one of the most effective means of online marketing. Many.

this point we can see from the webmaster nets webmaster column. For example, we can see a lot of people in the circle will establish their own column in some large sites, such as the DoNews column and so on. And then through these column published their own articles, to build their own online brand with the high popularity of the platform, professional column. As long as you have this article, it can cause resonance point, so your article will be recognized, it will slowly build up their personal online brand. The original content and through this column can also bring the high quality for our site.

Four reasons: for marketing

for three reasons: personal online brand