The host space for Shanghai Longfeng optimization is becoming more and more important

Today I’ll talk to

the answer is yes.

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yesterday evening, when I feel relieved in the optimization that Beijing Shanghai dragon blog, have no intention to see the love of Shanghai (贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/report/2014), I don’t know why there is no report in 2015, but this is not important, it is important that I see this picture in which:

this is the opportunity for us, why? I have the best

but love Shanghai this search engine is still a business, a search service business, when it began to respect their own users, service users, experience is king era is coming.

just like Shanghai dragon in the network and for so long, witnessed several times Shanghai Dragon: content is king, the chain for the king, now the experience is king. Shanghai Longfeng tend to solve the problem of the user rather than the mechanical release of pseudo original and the chain, Shanghai dragon to solve the problem of novice friends is just like focus areas.

well, why Shanghai dragon age will continue to change, please see the following:

– Page fluency and page open speed page of friendly experience is king era chat with you, and these two points and web hosting space are closely related.


now Shanghai Phoenix are doing user experience, page flow.


when the market sites are enough to meet the needs of users when, more high-quality sites will be the talent shows itself from this report, we can conclude that most web friendly degree actually is not high, and most is because the host space, what if we choose the host space to the server the optimization is not mean that we go beyond the most sites in this area on

experience is king of the times, to solve the problem of the user information will be given the rank of non original articles; to a reasonable guide the user to solve the problem of the link will be regarded as high-quality links; can quickly open and smooth browsing pages easier to become the new darling of the era.


when the search engine will not recognize what article is the original article which is pseudo original, content is not king.

originally, at present our country web page most friendly degree is relatively low and the influence of ah, most of the reason is: the host friendly space (30.1%DNS, 14.5%, abnormal analysis of abnormal network operators in 44.3% server connection)

so we participate in the rankings are obtained to enhance the competitiveness of

when the search engine is struggling to cope with countless garbage outside the chain, the chain is no longer important.